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Panasonic 3DO Roms - Release Date 1993

Great collection of all the 3DO images, Some VERY rare. These emulate on the PC perfectly or you can play them on the original 3DO console also! Just burn the image to a CD-R, and turn it on! No modchip or tricks required. There are 176 3DO games included in .bin and .iso format. Arrives on a 15 Disc DVD set.

Another World (1994)(Interplay)(EU)
Battle Chess (1993)(Interplay)(US)
BattleSport (1995)(Studio 3DO)(US)
BC Racers (1995)(GoldStar)(EU-US)
BladeForce (1995)(Studio 3DO)(US)
Brain Dead 13 Starring Fritz (1995)(ReadySoft)(US)(Disc 1 of 2)
Brain Dead 13 Starring Fritz (1995)(ReadySoft)(US)(Disc 2 of 2)
Burning Soldier (1994)(Panasonic)(US)
Bust-A-Move (1995)(Taito)(US).iso Captain Quazar (1996)(Studio 3DO)(US)
Casper (1996)(Interplay)(NTSC)(US)
Club 3DO - Station Invasion (1994)(Studio 3DO)(US)
Corpse Killer (1994)(Digital Pictures)(US)
Cowboy Casino - Interactive Poker (1994)(IntelliPlay)(US)
Creature Shock (1995)(Virgin)(US)(Disc 1 of 2)
Creature Shock (1995)(Virgin)(US)(Disc 2 of 2)
Crime Patrol (1994)(American Laser Games)(US)
Cyberdillo (1995)(Panasonic)(US)
Cyberia (1996)(Interplay)(US)
D (1995)(Panasonic)(EU-US)(Disc 1 of 2)
D (1995)(Panasonic)(EU-US)(Disc 2 of 2)
Daedalus Encounter, The (1995)(Panasonic)(US)(Disc 1 of 4)
Daedalus Encounter, The (1995)(Panasonic)(US)(Disc 2 of 4)
Daedalus Encounter, The (1995)(Panasonic)(US)(Disc 3 of 4)
Daedalus Encounter, The (1995)(Panasonic)(US)(Disc 4 of 4)
DeathKeep (1995)(SSi)(US)
Defcon 5 (1995)(GoldStar)(EU)
Demolition Man (1994)(Virgin)(US)
Dragon Lore - The Legend Begins (1995)(Mindscape)(EU-US)(M4)(Disc 1 of 3)
Dragon Lore - The Legend Begins (1995)(Mindscape)(EU-US)(M4)(Disc 2 of 3)
Dragon Lore - The Legend Begins (1995)(Mindscape)(EU-US)(M4)(Disc 3 of 3)
Dragon's Lair (1993)(ReadySoft)(US)[!][DH 65003-2].iso Drug Wars (1995)(American Laser Games)(US)
Escape from Monster Manor - A Terrifying Hunt for the Undead (1993)(Electronic Arts)(US)
Family Feud (1994)(Gametek)(US)
FIFA International Soccer (1994)(EA Sports)(US)
Flashback - The Quest for Identity (1994)(U.S. Gold)(US)(en-fr)
Flying Nightmares (1995)(Domark)(US)
Foes of Ali (1995)(EA Sports)(US)
Gex (1995)(Crystal Dynamics)(EU-US)
Gridders v1.1 (1994)(Studio 3DO)(EU).iso Guardian War (1994)(Panasonic)(US)
Hell - A Cyberpunk Thriller (1994)(Take 2)(US)
Horde, The (1994)(Crystal Dynamics)(US)
Icebreaker (1995)(Panasonic)(US)
Immercenary (1995)(Electronic Arts)(US)
Incredible Machine, The (1994)(Dynamix)(US)
Iron Angel of the Apocalypse (1994)(Synergy)(US)
Iron Angel of the Apocalypse - The Return (1995)(Synergy)(US)
Jammit (1994)(GTE)(US)
Johnny Bazookatone (1996)(U.S. Gold)(US)
Jurassic Park Interactive (1994)(Universal Interactive Studios)(US)
Killing Time v3.5 (1995)(Studio 3DO)(US)
Kingdom - The Far Reaches (1994)(Interplay)(EU-US)
Last Bounty Hunter, The (1994)(American Laser Games)(US)
Lemmings (1993)(Psygnosis)(US)
Lost Eden (1993)(Virgin)(US)(M5).iso
Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes, The (1994)(Electronic Arts)(US)
Lucienne's Quest (1996)(Panasonic)(US)
Mad Dog II - the Lost Gold (1994)(American Laser Games)(US)
Mad Dog McCree (1993)(American Laser Games)(US)
Mazer (1995)(American Laser Games)(US)
MegaRace (1994)(Mindscape)(US)(M5).iso Myst (1994)(Panasonic)(US)
Need for Speed, The (1994)(Electronic Arts)(EU-US)
Night Trap (1993)(Digital Pictures)(US)(Disc 1 of 2)
Night Trap (1993)(Digital Pictures)(US)(Disc 2 of 2)
Novastorm (1994)(Psygnosis)(US)
Off-world Interceptor (1994)(Crystal Dynamics)(EU-US)
Olympic Soccer (1996)(Panasonic)(US)(M5)
Panzer General (1995)(Mindscape - SSi)(EU-US)
PaTaank (1994)(PF.Magic)(EU-US)
Pebble Beach Golf Links (1993)(Panasonic)(US)
Perfect General, The (1995)(Kirin Entertainment)(US)
PGA Tour 96 (1995)(EA Sports)(US)
Plumbers Don't Wear Ties (1994)(Kirin Entertainment)(US)
PO'ed (1995)(Studio 3DO)(EU-US)
Primal Rage v1.0 (1995)(GoldStar)(EU-US)(M7)
Psychic Detective (1995)(Electronic Arts)(US)(Disc 1 of 3)
Psychic Detective (1995)(Electronic Arts)(US)(Disc 2 of 3)
Psychic Detective (1995)(Electronic Arts)(US)(Disc 3 of 3)
Quarantine (1994)(Gametek)(US)(M4)[!][439480068501RE].iso Quarterback Attack - The Professional Quarterback Simulator (1995)(Digital Pictures)(US)
Real Pinball (1994)(Panasonic)(US)
Return Fire v1.0 EC19.1.1 (1995)(Prolific)(US)
Rise of the Robots (1995)(Absolute)(US)(M3)
Road Rash (1994)(Electronic Arts)(US)
Robinson's Requiem (1996)(ReadySoft - Silmarils)(US)
Samurai Shodown (1994)(Crystal Dynamics)(EU-US)
Scramble Cobra (1995)(Panasonic)(US)
Sewer Shark (1994)(Digital Pictures)(US)
Shadow - War of Succession (1994)(Tribeca Digital Studios)(US)
Shanghai - Triple-Threat (1994)(Activision)(US)[!][02500-2.4].iso Shock Wave (1994)(Electronic Arts)(US)[!][722207-2 RE2].iso Shockwave 2 - Beyond the Gate (1995)(Electronic Arts)(US)(Disc 1 of 2)
Shockwave 2 - Beyond the Gate (1995)(Electronic Arts)(US)(Disc 2 of 2)
Slam 'N Jam '95 (1995)(Crystal Dynamics)(US)
Slayer (1994)(SSi)(US)[!][02500-21].iso Snow Job Starring Tracy Scoggins (1995)(Studio 3DO)(US)(Disc 1 of 2)
Snow Job Starring Tracy Scoggins (1995)(Studio 3DO)(US)(Disc 2 of 2)
Soccer Kid (1994)(Studio 3DO)(US)
Space Ace (1995)(ReadySoft)(US)[!][DH 65008 RE-1].iso
Space Pirates (1994)(American Laser Games)(US)
Star Control II (1994)(Crystal Dynamics)(EU-US)
Star Fighter (1995)(Studio 3DO)(EU-US)
Star Wars - Rebel Assault v1.0 (1993)(Electronic Arts)(EU-US)
StarBlade (1994)(Panasonic)(US)
Stellar 7 - Draxon's Revenge (1993)(Dynamix)(US)
Strahl (1995)(Panasonic)(US)
Striker - World Cup Special (1995)(Panasonic)(EU)
Super Street Fighter II Turbo (1994)(Panasonic)(US)[!][FZSM3851].iso Supreme Warrior - Ying Heung (1994)(Digital Pictures)(US)(en-zh)(Disc 1 of 2)[!][Fire & Earth].iso Supreme Warrior - Ying Heung (1994)(Digital Pictures)(US)(en-zh)(Disc 2 of 2)[!][Wind & Fang Tu].iso Syndicate (1995)(Electronic Arts)(US)
Theme Park (1994)(Electronic Arts)(US)(en-fr)
Total Eclipse (1993)(Crystal Dynamics)(US)[!][57911-1].iso Trip'd (1995)(Panasonic)(EU-US)
Virtuoso (1995)(Data East)(US)
VR Stalker (1994)(American Laser Games)(US)
Waialae Country Club (1994)(Panasonic)(CA-US)
Way of the Warrior (1994)(Universal Interactive Studios)(NTSC)(US)
Who Shot Johnny Rock (1994)(American Laser Games)(US)
Wicked 18 (1994)(Panasonic)(US)
Wing Commander III - Heart of the Tiger (1995)(Origin)(US)(Disc 1 of 4)
Wing Commander III - Heart of the Tiger (1995)(Origin)(US)(Disc 2 of 4)
Wing Commander III - Heart of the Tiger (1995)(Origin)(US)(Disc 3 of 4).iso
Wing Commander III - Heart of the Tiger (1995)(Origin)(US)(Disc 4 of 4).iso
Wolfenstein 3d (1994)(Interplay)(US)
World Cup Golf - Hyatt Dorado Beach (1994)(U.S. Gold)(US)
Zhadnost - The Peoples Party (1995)(Studio 3DO)(EU)
Total number of files = 176


3DO Roms Set
129 Games Included
13 DVDs

003 3D Atlas
3DO Buffet
ad&d slayer
advanced dungeons & dragons 2nd edition - deathkeep
alfred hitchcock presents
Alone In The Dark
Alone In The Dark 2
autobahn tokio
b.c. racers
ballz the director's cut
battle chess
blade force
book of life and death - the competition
braindead 13 starring fritz (readysoft)(1995)(disc 1 of 2)
braindead 13 starring fritz (readysoft)(1995)(disc 2 of 2)
burning soldier
cannon fodder
captain Quazar
corpse killer
cowboy casino
crash 'n' burn
crime patrol
d (panasonic)(1995)(disc 1 of 2)
d (panasonic)(1995)(disc 2 of 2)
daedalus encounter (1995)(disc 1 of 4)
daedalus encounter (1995)(disc 2 of 4)
daedalus encounter (1995)(disc 3 of 4)
daedalus encounter (1995)(disc 4 of 4)
Dennis Miller - Thats News To Me
doctor hauzer
doraemons, the
dragon lore (mindscape)(1995)(disc 1 of 3)
dragon lore (mindscape)(1995)(disc 2 of 3)
dragon lore (mindscape)(1995)(disc 3 of 3)
Dragons Lair
drug wars
escape from monster manor
ESPN Lets Play Beach Volleyball
f-1 gp
family feud
FIFA Soccer
flopon the space mutant
flying nightmares
Foes of Ali
Guardian War
ice breaker
immercenary combat in a digital world
incredible machine
iron angel of the apocalypse
iron angel of the apocalypse - the return
jurassic park interactive
killing time
last bounty hunter, the
lost files of sherlock holmes
lucienne's quest
mad dog mccree
mag dog ii - the lost gold
mega race
mind teazzer
montana jones
Night Trap Disc 1
Night Trap Disc 2
off-world interceptor
Out Of This World
Panasonic Sampler A
Panasonic Sampler B
panzer general
Pebble Beach Golf Links
penthouse interactive virtual photo shoot vol 1
Penn & Teller
perfect general
PGA Tour 1996
Phoenix 3
Plumers Don't Wear Ties
Primal Rage
Psychic Detective (Disc 1 of 3)
Psychic Detective (Disc 2 of 3)
Psychic Detective (Disc 3 of 3)
return fire
rise of the robots
Road Rash
Samurai Shodown
Sewer Shark
Shockwave 2:Beyond the Gate (disc 1 of2)
Shockwave 2:Beyond the Gate (disc 2 of2)
Slam 'N Jam '95
Snow Job (disc 1 of 2)
Snow Job (disc 2 of 2)
soccer kid
space ace

space pirates
star control ii
star fighter
star wars rebel assault
stellar 7 draxon's revenge
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
Super Wing Commander
supreme warrior (digital pictures) cd 1
supreme warrior (digital pictures) cd 2
The Horde
The Last Bounty Hunter
The Need For Speed
theme park
Total Eclipse
twisted the game show
Virtual Cameraman
Virtual House
VR Stalker
Waialae Country Club
Way of the Warrior
Who Shot Johnny Rock
Wing Commander 3
wolfenstein 3d
ZHADNOST - The Peoples Party

The 3DO Interactive Multiplayer (often called simply 3DO) is a video game console originally produced by Panasonic in 1993. Further renditions of the hardware were released in 1994 by Sanyo and Goldstar. The consoles were manufactured according to specifications created by The 3DO Company, and were originally designed by Dave Needle and RJ Mical of New Technology Group. The system was conceived by entrepreneur and Electronic Arts founder Trip Hawkins.

Despite a highly-promoted launch (including being named Time magazine's "1994 Product of the Year") and a host of cutting-edge technologies, the 3DO's high price ($699.95 USD at launch), limited 3rd-party developer support, and an over-saturated console market prevented the system from achieving success comparable to competitors Sega and Nintendo.[2] This console was released in North America in September 1993 and in Japan on March 20, 1994.

FREEDO 1.9 - DOWNLOAD (536kb)

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