Conditions of Use

What is is a backup service that allows one to get a backup of their game collections that do not have the hardware and/or knowledge to do so themselves.We do not know your legal rights or entitlement for these ROM binaries/Game images. We make no claims on the legal status of these ROMs,All files included are freely available from you must abide by their terms of service found (https: / (any sales provided are for the hardware provided, server fees, and consultating. We do not charge for any rom or cd images. We do not supply or transfer any licence or copyright with romcollector products. By using Romcollector Services, you acknowledge you have permission to download, install, all rom sets that can be found on for your personal backup purposes. By requesting that you have these materials created for you, you agree with these terms. reserves the right to refuse service to anyone person or entity for any reason we feel is necessary.

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We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover.

What is the return policy?

Orders under processing status may be cancelled at any time. If your product is defective, an immidiate replacement will be issued provided the product is within the manufacturer warranty period. Contact us with any other questions.

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