Tandy Radio Shack Digital Download

Tandy Radio Shack Digital Download

This collection of Radio Shacks Tandy Line of computers ran from around 1977 to the mid 80s. This is a complete collection of that era of computing. Including games and applications Over 13,000. It can be used on the original computers or through emulation.

Collection Includes: TRS-80
TRS-80 MC-10
TRS-80 Model 1
TRS-80 Model 3
TRS-80 Model 4
TRS-80 Model 100

NOTE: The game list is so long it wont cover half of it on the website cause it wont display 13000 lines in this box. If you need a full list for whatever reason just email staff@romcollector.com and we will send it to you.


CoCo Registry Issue 1 (19xx)(Rick's Computer Enterprise)[DSK]
CoCo Registry Issue 2 (19xx)(Rick's Computer Enterprise)[DSK]
CoCo Registry Issue 3 (19xx)(Rick's Computer Enterprise)[DSK]
CoCo Upgrade National Disk Magazine April (1993)(Mid Iowa & Country CoCo)[DSK]
CoCo Upgrade National Disk Magazine August (1993)(Mid Iowa & Country CoCo)[DSK]
CoCo Upgrade National Disk Magazine Issue 14 (1992)(Mid Iowa & Country CoCo)[DSK]
CoCo Upgrade National Disk Magazine Issue 16 (1993)(Mid Iowa & Country CoCo)[DSK]
CoCo Upgrade National Disk Magazine Issue 17 (1993)(Mid Iowa & Country CoCo)[DSK]
CoCo Upgrade National Disk Magazine Issue 18 (1993)(Mid Iowa & Country CoCo)[DSK]
CoCo Upgrade National Disk Magazine Issue 19 (1993)(Mid Iowa & Country CoCo)[DSK]
CoCo Upgrade National Disk Magazine Issue 20 (1993)(Mid Iowa & Country CoCo)[DSK]
CoCo Upgrade National Disk Magazine Issue 21 (1993)(Mid Iowa & Country CoCo)[DSK]
CoCo Upgrade National Disk Magazine Issue 22 (1993)(Mid Iowa & Country CoCo)[DSK]
CoCo Upgrade National Disk Magazine Issue 23 (1994)(Mid Iowa & Country CoCo)[DSK]
CoCo Upgrade National Disk Magazine Issue 24 (1994)(Mid Iowa & Country CoCo)[DSK]
CoCo Upgrade National Disk Magazine Issue 25 (1994)(Mid Iowa & Country CoCo)[DSK]
CoCo Upgrade National Disk Magazine Issue 26 (1994)(Mid Iowa & Country CoCo)[DSK]
CoCo Upgrade National Disk Magazine Issue 27 (1994)(Mid Iowa & Country CoCo)[DSK]
CoCo Upgrade National Disk Magazine Issue 28 (1994)(Mid Iowa & Country CoCo)[DSK]
CoCo Upgrade National Disk Magazine Issue 32 (1995)(Mid Iowa & Country CoCo)[DSK]
CoCo Upgrade National Disk Magazine Issue 33 (1995)(Mid Iowa & Country CoCo)[TIF]
CoCo Upgrade National Disk Magazine Issue 34 (1994)(Mid Iowa & Country CoCo)[DSK]
CoCo Upgrade National Disk Magazine Issue 35 (1994)(Mid Iowa & Country CoCo)[DSK]
CoCo Upgrade National Disk Magazine Issue 36 (1994)(Mid Iowa & Country CoCo)[DSK]
CoCo Upgrade National Disk Magazine Issue 37 (1994)(Mid Iowa & Country CoCo)[DSK]
Nine-Times Disk Magazine (1990)(JWT Enterprises)[DSK]

TRS-80 MC-10

Argo (19xx)(-)
Assemble (19xx)(-)
Aster64 (19xx)(Rogelio Perea)[h Charles Perosi]
Backup (1987)(Gary Furr)
Basketballer (19xx)(-)
Block Drop (2004)(Charles Perosi)
Breakout (19xx)(-)
Catch (19xx)(-)
Clock (19xx)(-)
Compac (19xx)(Mr Wizard)
Decode (19xx)(-)
Defend (2004)(Charles Perosi)
Demon Attack (2004)(Charles Perosi)
Dragon Castles (2004)(Charles Pelosi)
Ducshoot (19xx)(-)
Eggs (19xx)(-)
Eggs (19xx)(James)
Extended BASIC v1.0 (1986)(Furr)
Freeway (2004)(Charles Pelosi)
Frogger (19xx)(-)
Gap (19xx)(-)
Graphics Loop Demo (19xx)(-)
Groan (19xx)(-)
Hangman (19xx)(-)
Hires Bomber (1985)(G. Pollock)
Hires Drawing (19xx)(G.Pollock)
Horse (19xx)(James)
Kaleido (19xx)(-)
Lander (19xx)(-)
Lander (19xx)(James)
Mastermind (19xx)(-)
MC-10 Duelling Cannons Game (19xx)(-)
MC-10 Graphics Routines (19xx)(-)
MC-10 Mini Calculator (19xx)(-)
MC-10 Space Invaders Game (19xx)(-)
MC-10 Word Processor (19xx)(-)
Micro Checkers (1983)(Tandy Corporation)
MicroCheckers (19xx)(James)
MicroColor Checkers (1984)(-)
MicroColor Compac (1983)(-)
MicroColor Lostworld Pinball (1983)(-)
Milo, Maths For Kids (19xx)(-)
Mini-Calculator (19xx)(James)
ML Mini Monitor (19xx)(-)
Morse (19xx)(-)
Pagelist (19xx)(G. Pollock)
Pinball (19xx)(James)
Polygonal Spirals (1983)(Tandy Corp.)
Pong (19xx)(-)
Pong (19xx)(James)
Pontoon (19xx)(-)
Quarter Horse Race (19xx)(-)
Road Race (19xx)(William Barden Jr)
Sound Demostration (1985)(Gary Furr)
Speech (198x)(G. Furr)
Speed (1986)(G. Pollock)
Squares (1981)(Tom Rugg - Phil Feldman)
Sysdata Eletronica MicroColor BASIC (19xx)(-)(BR)
Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 MC-10 BASIC (19xx)(Tandy)
Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 MC-10 Character ROM (19xx)(-)
Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 MC-10 External Character ROM 4k (19xx)(-)
Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 MC-10 Simulated Character ROM (19xx)(-)[Round]
Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 MC-10 Simulated Character ROM (19xx)(-)[Square]
Tape Index (19xx)(G. Pollock)

TRS-80 MODEL 100

Adventure #1 - Galaxy Trek (1983)(Batie, Howard)
Alien (1984)(Creative Computing)
Aliens (19xx)(-)
Artillery Duell (1983)(Perkins, John D.)
Bandit (19xx)(Rothstein, Rick)
Blackjack (19xx)(-)
Boggle (19xx)(Hall, Russ)
Boxer (19xx)(-)
Braingame (1984)(McGreevy, James A.)
Bugs (19xx)(Hall, Russ)
Cannon Ball (19xx)(Brady, Terry)[h Trevor]
Chess (19xx)(Weiblen, Mike)
Cram (19xx)(-)
Crash (19xx)(Hall, Russ)
Crazy like a Box (1987-09)(Portable 100)
Cribbage (1986)(McGreevy, James A.)
Depth Charge (19xx)(Hall, Russ)
Dominoes (19xx)(Delbourgo, Bob)
Draw Poker (19xx)(Brown, Hal)
Eight (19xx)(Burgoyne, Stephane)(CA)(en)
Escape (1986-02)(DeMarco, Robby)[m Bill Templeton]
Fenix (1984-03)(SJ SimS)
Fifteen Squares Puzzle (1986)(Balonis, Ron)
Flip (19xx)(Zeikel, Don)
Four Seasons (19xx)(Stevens, G.)
Foxfighter (19xx)(-)
Frogger v1 (1985-03-27)(Hackett, Nigel)
Guess (19xx)(-)
Hammurabi (19xx)(-)
Haunted House (19xx)(Gaskins, Barry)
Heartbreaker (1986)(Research In Software Excellence)
Hex (19xx)(Delbourgo, Bob)
Hidden Word (198x)(Popular Computing)[m print option Russ Hall]
Hollywood Park (1986-06)(Templeton, Bill)[m music Richard Hanson]
House Adventure (19xx)(-)
Huit (19xx)(Burgoyne, Stephane)(CA)(fr)
Jack (19xx)(-)
Jigsaw (19xx)(Wasserman, Joe)
Legacy - Reign of the Sorceress (1985)(Psychic Software)
Life (1983-12-16)(Mifsud, John)
Life (1985-01-11)(Waite Group)
Lunar Lander (19xx)(Hall, Russ)
Lunar Lander (19xx)(Hall, Russ)[diff game]
Mastermind (19xx)(Haskins, Tom)
Mastermind Codebreaker (19xx)(Hall, Russ)
Mastermind Game (19xx)(Hall, Russ)
Maze 3D (19xx)(Peters, Tim)
MAZing (19xx)(Stein, Alan)
Milton v1.0 (1985-12-19)(Lutton, Mark)
Nim (19xx)(-)
Nuclear Submarine Adventure, The (19xx)(Neighorn, Steven)
Othello (1984-04)(J.T.)[m gfx Don Zeikel]
Othello (1984-04)(J.T.)[m gfx Don Zeikel][rewritten]
Pentominos (19xx)(Delbourgo, Bob)
Ping Pong Breakout (1987-03-28)(Hall, Russ)
Pong (19xx)(Perry, Rick)(US)
Sexfun (19xx)(-)[b]
Sink the Submarine (19xx)(Wasserman, Joe)
Skydiver (19xx)(-)
Slots (1983)(Thomas, Dave)
Smart-Tac-Toe (19xx)(Thomas, Dave)[m Robert Benson]
Space Shuttle (19xx)(Ludeke, G.)
Square (19xx)(-)
Teeny Tiny Text Adventure v1.1 (19xx)(Ekdom, Tim)
Tic Tac Toe (19xx)(-)
Tictac (19xx)(-)
Tolkien Affair, The (19xx)(-)
Tolkien Affair, The (19xx)(-)[a]
Toxic Raiders (19xx)(-)
Toxic Raiders (19xx)(-)[a]
Wheel of Fortune (1988-02-06)(Flanders, George)(File 1 of 2)
Wheel of Fortune (1988-02-06)(Flanders, George)(File 2 of 2)[WHEEL1.do]
Wheel of Fortune (19xx)(-)
Wild West Shootout (19xx)(Peterson, Jason)(US)
X-O-X (1991-03)(Tompkins, George)
Zoid Patrol (19xx)(-)


10 Individual Sound Routines (19xx)(Dennis Bathory-Kitsz)[ASM]
100 Legal and Business Forms (19xx)(-)[TXT]
123 Lineprinter (1979)(Personal Computer Service)[BAS]
13 Ghosts (1982)(Software Affair-Tandy)[CMD]
1980 Presidential Election v1.0 (1979)(-)[BAS]
1980 Presidential Election v1.1 (1979)(-)[BAS]
23 Matches (19xx)(Author Unknown 1)[BAS]
23 Matches (19xx)(Author Unknown 2)[BAS]
23 Matches (19xx)(Kim Watt-Breeze Computing)[BAS]
23 Matches (19xx)(William Scott Watson)[BAS]
2K RAM Test Tape (1981)(The Peripheral People)[CMD]
3-D Plot (19xx)(Author Unknown 1)[BAS]
3-D Plot (19xx)(Author Unknown 2)[BAS]
3-D Plot (19xx)(Author Unknown 3)[BAS]
3-D Plot (19xx)(Creative Computing)[BAS]
3-D Surface Graphic (19xx)(-)[BAS]
3-D Tic-Tac-Toe (1978)(Scott Adams)[BAS]
3-D Tic-Tac-Toe (1978)(W Prady)[BAS]
3-D Tic-Tac-Toe (1980)(Instant Software)[BAS]
3-D Tic-Tac-Toe (19xx)(-)[a][BAS]
3-D Tic-Tac-Toe (19xx)(-)[BAS]
3-D Tic-Tac-Toe (19xx)(Author Unknown 3)[CMD]
3-D Tic-Tac-Toe (19xx)(David Bohlke)[BAS]
3-D Tic-Tac-Toe (19xx)(The Alternate Source)[ASM]
3-D Tic-Tac-Toe (19xx)(The Alternate Source)[CMD]
3-In-1 Cassette Utility (19xx)(Various Authors)[BAS]
31 or Bust (19xx)(-)[BAS]
40 Track Patch for TRSDOS 2.1 and RSM 2.0 (1979)(Terry L Westbrook)[BAS]
5-Speed Racer (1978)(James Garon)[BAS]
501 Darts (1982)(G Elvestone)[BAS]
555 Timer Circuits (19xx)(-)[BAS]
567 Tone Decoder (19xx)(-)[BAS]
57 Practical Programs (19xx)(57 Practical Programs)[BAS]
6502 Editor-Assembler (19xx)(-)[BAS]
6502 to Z-80 Translation Program (1982)(80-Microcomputing)[BAS]
6809 Assembler (19xx)(Clarence Felong and Ken Brown)[BAS]
741 Active Filter (19xx)(-)[BAS]
8 Targets (1987)(Jeanette Stonebraker)[BAS]
80 Column File Modifier v5.1b (1983)(Scott Loomer)[CMD]
80 Compose (19xx)(-)[BAS]
80 Space Raiders (1980)(Robert Bobers)[CMD]
8080 Assembler v1.3 (1985)(Anthony McGrath)[C]
9 Hole Miniature Golf (1980)(Mitch Voth)[BAS]
A Maze Printout (19xx)(-)[BAS]
A Tippen (19xx)(-)(DE)[BAS]
AA to ZZ (19xx)(-)[BAS]
ABC (1982)(Wolfgang Kohler)(DE)[BAS]
ABM Command (19xx)(Arnold Van Beverhaudt)[BAS]
Absender (1982)(Wolfgang Kohler)(DE)[BAS]
Absolute Memory Address Peek (1979)(Larry Ashmun)[SRC]
Accel2 Compiler (1981)(Southern Software)[a][CMD]
Accel2 Compiler (1981)(Southern Software)[CAS]
Accel2 Compiler (1981)(Southern Software)[CMD]
Accel2 Compiler (1981)(Southern Software)[DSK]
Accel3 Compiler (1982)(Southern Software)[CMD]
Accel3 Compiler (1982)(Southern Software)[DMK]
Accel3 Compiler (1982)(Southern Software)[DSK]
Accel4 Compiler (1982)(Southern Software)[a][CMD]
Accel4 Compiler (1982)(Southern Software)[CMD]
Accounts Payable System (19xx)(-)[DSK][Partial]
Accounts Payable System v3.1 (1980)(Radio Shack)[DSK]
Accounts Payable v1.0 (19xx)(Radio Shack)[BAS]
Accounts Payable v3.1 (1980)(Tandy)[DSK][MASTER]
Accounts Program (19xx)(-)(NL)[BAS]
Accounts Receivable Package v1.0 (1979)(Radio Shack)[BAS]
Accounts Receivable Package v1.2 (1979)(Radio Shack)[DSK]
Accounts Receivable Program (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Accounts Receivable Program v3.1 (1981)(Tandy)[DSK]
Accounts Receivable System (19xx)(-)[a][BAS]
Accounts Receivable System (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Accounts Receivable v3.1 (1980)(Tandy)[DSK][MASTER]
Accouting Software (19xx)(Kim Watt)[DSK]
Acey Ducey (19xx)(Bill Palmby)[BAS]
Acey Ducey (19xx)(Creative Computing)[BAS]
Acey Ducey (19xx)(Kim Watt)[BAS]
Achilles Heel (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Active Filter Design System (1980)(Howard Berlin)[BAS][Partial]
Active Variable Analyzer Subroutine (1983)(Basic Faster & Better)[BAS]
Adams Computer Backgammon (1978)(Scott Adams)[BAS]
Add Linefeeds (19xx)(-)[CMD]
Add On (19xx)(Neal P Jensen)[BAS]
Add Take (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Add Them Up (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Adding Game (1979)(Terry Hazelett)[BAS]
Adding Machine (19xx)(Allen Greenburg)[BAS]
Adding Program (1985)(Wolfgang Kohler)(DE)[BAS]
Addition and Subtraction Test (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Address Decoder (1980)(Kim Watt)[CMD]
Address Mark Reader (19xx)(Kim Watt)[SRC]
Addresses of Keywords (19xx)(-)[BAS]
ADP and Blaise (1983)(Alcor Systems)[DSK]
Adrians Calendar (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (1987)(Robert Rater)[BAS]
Advanced Statistical Analysis Pack (1979)(Radio Shack)[BAS]
Advanced Statistical Analysis Pack (1979)(Radio Shack)[CAS]
Adventure # 10- Marooned (19xx)(Kim Watt)[CMD]
Adventure 1 (19xx)(Ira Goldklang)[DAT]
Adventure 3.1415926 (19xx)(Scott S Goldman)[DAT]
Adventure Editor (1980)(Allan Molluf)[BAS]
Adventure Editor (1982)(Bruce G Hansen & Alan Molluf-The Alternate Source)[a2][BAS]
Adventure Editor (1982)(Bruce G Hansen & Alan Molluf-The Alternate Source)[a3][BAS]
Adventure Editor (1982)(Bruce G Hansen & Alan Molluf-The Alternate Source)[a][BAS]
Adventure Editor (1982)(Bruce G Hansen & Alan Molluf-The Alternate Source)[BAS]
Adventure Executor v1.00BJ (1981)(Bruce G Hansen)[CMD]
Adventure in Ancient Jerusalem v3.1 (1980)(Warren Melnick)[BAS]
Adventure Sampler (19xx)(Mark E Kennedy)[BAS]
Adventure World v2.4 (1984)(Mladen Bauk)[CMD]
Aerial Dogfight (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Africa Map (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Age Determination Program (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Agri-Calc Feeder Pig Module (1982)(Jack O Bealey-Advanced Operating Systems)[DSK][Master]
AIDS-III v1.4 (1979)(Meta Technologies Corporation)[BAS]
AIDS-III v1.5 (1982)(Softrends Inc)[BAS]
Air Command (1979)(Simutek Ent)[BAS]
Air Distance Between Two Cities (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Air Flight Simulation (1978)(Dwight W Meyer-Instant Software)[a][BAS]
Air Flight Simulation (1978)(Instant Software-Dwight Meyer)[CAS]
Air Navigation (19xx)(Ward Ferguson)[BAS]
Air Raid (19xx)(Small System Software)[CMD]
Air Raid (19xx)(William Scott Watson)[BAS]
Air Traffic Controller (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Air-Raid (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Air-Raid (19xx)(Kevin Copeland)[BAS]
Aircraft Approach Simulator v1.0 (1980)(J C Sprott)[BAS]
Aircraft Approach Simulator v3.2 (1980)(J C Sprott)[BAS]
Airmail Pilot (1979)(Instant Software)[BAS]
Airways Network (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Alarm (19xx)(The Programming Force)[BAS]
Alarm-Disk for NEWDOS-80 (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Albuquerque Scanner Frequencies (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Alcohol Percent in Blood (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Alcor C (1983)(Alcor Systems)[CMD]
Alcor C v2.00 (1983)(Alcor Systems)[DSK]
Alcor C v2.01 (1983)(Alcor Systems)[DSK]
ALE v1.5.0 (1983)(Mike Schulze)[CMD]
ALE v1.5.0 (19xx)(-)[DSK]
Alexis Adventure (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Algebra 1 (19xx)(Radio Shack)[BAS]
Algebra Lessons (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Algebraic Factoring (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Alien (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Alien (19xx)(-)[CMD]
Alien Adventure (1981)(Alan Zett-Softside)[BAS]
Alien Adventure (1981)(Thomas Chou)[BAS]
Alien Armada (1981)(Pegleg Software)[CMD]
Alien Armada (1981)(Waldron Hodgson)[CMD]
Alien Contact (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Alien Cresta (1981)(Dubois & McNamara)[CMD]
Alien Defense (1981)(Larry Ashmun-Soft Sector Marketing Inc)[CAS]
Alien Defense (1981)(Soft Sector Marketing Inc)[CMD]
Alien Invasion (1979)(Roy Niederhoffer)[BAS]
Alien Invasion (1980)(Roy Niederhoffer)[BAS]
Alien Invasion (1980)(Roy Niederhoffer)[CAS]
Alien Invasion (1983)(Bruce G Hansen)[CMD]
Alien Invasion (19xx)(Jonathan Triffitt)[BAS]
Alien Invasion (19xx)(Roy Niederhoffer)[BAS]
Alien Invasion for APC-80 (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Alien Invastion (19xx)(Roy Niederhoffer-Acorn)[BAS]
Alien Sea Battle (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Alien Taxi (19xx)(John Olsen Jr)[CMD]
Alien's Eggs (1982)(Yves Lempereur)[CMD]
Alive Monitor (19xx)(-)[CMD]
All Purpose Print Routine (1980)(Prog-80)[BAS]
Allstar Baseball (1979)(David Bohlke)[BAS]
AllWrite! (1984)(ProSoft-The Tesler Software Corporation)[DMK]
AllWrite! v1.00 (1984)(ProSoft-The Tesler Software Corporation)[a][DSK]
AllWrite! v1.00 (1984)(ProSoft-The Tesler Software Corporation)[DSK]
AllWrite! v1.01 (1984)(ProSoft-The Tesler Software Corporation)[CMD]
AllWrite! v1.12 (1984)(ProSoft-The Tesler Software Corporation)[DMK]
AllWrite! Word Processor Date Import Utility (19xx)(-)[SRC]
Alpha (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Alpha Joystick Demonstration (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Alpha Letter Drop (1982)(Max Jerman)[BAS]
Alpha-Write (1984)(Alpha Systems Software)[BAS]
Alphabet Antics (1982)(Cue)[BAS]
Alphabet Antics (19xx)(Jason Lawhern)[BAS]
Alphabet in Graphical Letters (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Alphabet Jumble (1980)(John Craig-CLOAD)[BAS]
Alphabet Letter Swapping Game (1980)(John Craig)[BAS]
Alphabet Practice (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Alphabet Puzzle (19xx)(Daniel Miller)[BAS]
Alphabetical File Catalog (1981)(MDZ Associates)[CMD][DOSPLUS]
Alphabetical Order (1983)(Michael Lagman)[BAS]
Alphabetical Order (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Alphabetize (1981)(Brian Riley-Courseware)[BAS]
Alphabetize (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Alphabetize (19xx)(Author Unknown 2)[BAS]
Alphabetizing with Replacement (19xx)(Howard Gosman)[BAS]
Alphabetizing without Replacement (19xx)(Howard Gosman)[BAS]
Alpine Climb (1983)(Kevin Ciotta)[BAS]
Amateur Radio Log (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Amateur Radio Log Book (19xx)(John Fail)[BAS]
Amazement (1979)(Device Oriented Games)[CMD]
Amazin' Maze (1979)(Robert Wallace)[BAS]
Amazing (1978)(Stan Ockers)[BAS]
Amazing Blackjack Machine (1980)(R Ramm)[BAS]
Amazing Chase (1980)(Kevin Remley-CLOAD)[BAS]
Amazing Maze (19xx)(Nick Andrew)[BAS]
Amoeba Attack Wars (1982)(The Programming Force)[CMD]
Amortization (1978)(Thomas D Price Jr)[BAS]
Amortization (1980)(James Temple)[BAS]
Amortization (19xx)(Dr David J Lien)[BAS]
Amortization Calculator (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Amortization of Mortgage (19xx)(Dan Shelby)[CMD]
Amortization Repayment Plan (1984)(-)(DE)[BAS]
Amortization Schedule (1985)(Jack Groce)[BAS]
Amortization v2.1 (1979)(Andrew Loesch)[BAS]
Amplitude & Watt Converter (19xx)(-)(DE)[BAS]
An Adventure (19xx)(Tim Schafer)[BAS]
Anadex DP-9X0X Printer Setup (19xx)(-)[CMD]
Anadex Printer Size Change (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Anagram Puzzler (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Anagrams (19xx)(Michael Merylees)[BAS]
Analog Clock (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Analog Clock (19xx)(Keith Neighbour)[BAS]
Analysis for Variance (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Analysis of Two Vectors (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Android Nym (1978)(Leo Christopherson-80-NW Publishing)[BAS]
Android Nym (1986)(Leo Christopherson-Powersoft)[BAS]
Android Nym (19xx)(Leo Christopherson)(DE)[BAS]
Android Nym (19xx)(Level IV Products Inc)[CAS]
Android Picture Gallery (1982)(M K Cook-80-Micro)[BAS]
Andromeda Conquest (1982)(Avalon Hill Microcomputer Games)[BAS]
Andromeda Conquest (1982)(Avalon Hill Microcomputer Games)[DSK]
Andy's Calendar Maker (19xx)(Terry R Dettman)[BAS]
Animal (19xx)(The Programming Force)[BAS]
Animal II (19xx)(Softswap-Cue)[BAS]
Animals (19xx)(Warren McKenna)[BAS]
Animated Hangman (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Animated Hangman v2.0 (1980)(Larry Ashmun)[BAS]
Animated Jack-O-Lantern (19xx)(M Keller)[BAS]
Animator Package (1979)(Macrotronics)[DSK]
Annual Debt Payment (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Annuity Computation (19xx)(Peter Shenkin)[BAS]
Another Text Editor (19xx)(Robert Labenski)[BAS]
Ant-Syn-Hom (19xx)(Jasmine Alexander)[BAS]
Antenna Design and Voltage Standing Wave Calculations (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Anti Aircraft Game (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Anti Aircraft Game (19xx)(Author Unknown 2)[BAS]
Ants (19xx)(Howard S Gilman Jr)[BAS]
Ants!!! (1979)(Brian Rotolante-Synergistic Solar)[BAS]
Ants!!! (1979)(Brian Rotolante-Synergistic Solar)[CMD]
AnySort (19xx)(-)[BAS]
AnySort v3.2 (19xx)(-)[DSK]
Aouhlian Clock (19xx)(-)[BAS]
APC-80 (19xx)(-)[BAS]
APD- Automatic PDRIVE Utility (1981)(Hal Brown)[ASM]
APD- Automatic PDRIVE Utility (1981)(Hal Brown)[CMD]
APD- Automatic PDRIVE Utility (19xx)(-)[CMD]
Ape (1982)(Ray Kreisel-Bananasoft)[CMD]
Append Subroutine (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Apple 6502 Cross Assembler Source (1982)(80-Microcomputing)[SRC]
Apple Nuclear Power Plant (1981)(Jim St John)[BAS]
Apple Panic (1982)(Micro-2000)(EU)[CMD]
Apple Panic (1982)(Micro-2000)(EU)[h][CMD]
Apple Panic (1982)(Yves Lempeurer)[CMD]
Appliance History Database (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Application Generator (1992)(G Rahman)(NL)[BAS]
Appointment Calendar (1983)(Nick Andrew)[BAS]
Approximate Average Generator (19xx)(Ira Goldklang)[BAS]
April Fool (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Arachnid (1982)(Charles A Quante)[BAS]
ARC31 v2.00 (1987)(SEA)[a][CMD]
ARC31 v2.00 (1987)(SEA)[CMD]
Arcade (19xx)(Bob Nicholas)[BAS]
Arcade Alien Attack (1981)(Kansas Software)[CMD]
Arcade Audio (1980)(Don Dilley-CLOAD)[BAS]
Arcade Bomber Scramble (1981)(Mike Chalk-Kansas Software)[CMD]
Arcade Cosmic Swarm (1982)(Mike Chalk-Kansas Software)[EXEC2]
Arcade Galactic Firebird (1982)(Mike Chalk-Kansas Software)[CMD]
Arcade Invaders v1.4 (19xx)(Mike Chalk-Kansas Software)[CMD]
Arcade Missile Command (1981)(Mike Chalk-Kansas Software)[CMD]
Arcade Missile Strike (1981)(Mike Chalk-Kansas Software)[CMD]
Arcade U-Boat Strike (1981)(Mike Chalk-Kansas Software)[CMD]
Archimede's Apprentice (1980)(Instant Software)[BAS]
Archimede's Apprentice (1980)(Instant Software)[CAS]
Archive3 ACH v1.0.1 (1986)(Chuck Harper)[a][CMD]
Archive3 ACH v1.0.1 (1986)(Chuck Harper)[CMD]
Area of a Cube (19xx)(Sherri Orr)[BAS]
Area of a Cylinder (1980)(Sherri Orr)[BAS]
Area of a Polygon (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Arena of Octos (1981)(Al Johnson)[BAS]
Arena Take Battle with Sound (1984)(David Lau & Clifford Mui-CLOAD)[CMD]
Arena Tank Battle (1984)(CLOAD Magazine)[CMD]
Arex (1982)(Adventure International)[DMK][Dual Boot]
Arex (1982)(William Muck Koon-Adventure International)[CMD]
Argonath Adventure (1982)(Danny Browne)[BAS]
Argyle 88 (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Arithmetic (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Arithmetic Drill (19xx)(Advanced Graphics)[BAS]
Arithmetic Mean (19xx)(57 Practical Programs)[BAS]
Arithmetic Practice (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Arithmetic Quiz (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Arithmetic Teacher (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Armageddon (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Armchair Admiral (19xx)(Eversoft)[BAS]
Armored Patrol (1981)(Adventure International)[CMD]
Armored Patrol (1981)(Wayne Westmoreland & Terry Gilman-Adventure International)[CAS]
Armored Patrol v2.0 (1981)(Adventure International)[CMD]
Around the Horn (1978)(George Blank)[BAS]
Array Element Loader (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Arrow of Death- Part 1 (19xx)(-)[CMD]
Arrow2 (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Art Show (19xx)(Smith Family)[BAS]
Artillary Shoot (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Artillery 2000 v3.3 (1983)(David Lo)[BAS]
Artillery Gunner (19xx)(Loren Pechtel)[BAS]
ASCII File Reader (19xx)(-)[CMD]
ASCII File Splitter (19xx)(Michael Jacobs)[CMD]
ASCII Listing in Hex and Decimal (1980)(The Peripheral People)[BAS]
ASCII Nude (19xx)(-)[BAS]
ASCII Nude Art (19xx)(-)[BAS]
ASCII Pic Text to Block Graphics System v1.1 (19xx)(Guy Omer)[CMD]
ASCII to Binary Converter with Graphics (19xx)(-)(NL)[BAS]
ASCII to CMD Decoder (19xx)(-)[BAS]
ASCII Zap v1.3 (19xx)(T Domigan)[CMD]
Ascot Racecourse (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Assault IV (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Assault! (19xx)(Bill Dunlevy & Douglas Frayer)[CMD]
Assault! (19xx)(Bill Dunlevy & Douglas Frayer)[DMK]
Assem (1980)(David Forbes)[CMD]
Assembler Source Code Converter for Tape (19xx)(-)[CMD]
Assembler-Disassembler (19xx)(Blitz)[CMD]
Assembly Language Course (19xx)(-)[CMD]
Assembly Language Tutorial v1.0 (1983)(Radio Shack)[CAS]
Assembly Language Tutorial v1.0 (1983)(Radio Shack)[CMD]
Assets Liabilities and Capital (19xx)(Micro Learningware)[BAS]
Assignment 45- A Harry Flynn Adventure (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Assorted Source Code Snippets and Examples (19xx)(-)[SRC]
Asteroid (1978)(Jim Blomgren)[CMD]
Asteroid (19xx)(Mike Wall)[CMD]
Asteroid Adventure (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Asteroids (19xx)(Harleman Bros Software)[BAS]
Astro (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Astro Ball (1981)(John Allen-Acorn Software)[CMD]
Astro Blaster (19xx)(Wade Poust)[BAS]
Astrologie (19xx)(J A Conradi)(NL)[BAS]
Astrology (19xx)(Radio Shack)[CAS]
Astrology (19xx)(Radio Shack)[CMD]
Astronomic Conversions (19xx)(E Bourgevin)(FR)[BAS]
Astronomy Teaching Program (1985)(-)(DE)[HRG]
Asylum (1981)(Frank Corr & William F Denman Jr-Med Systems Software)[CAS]
Asylum (1981)(Frank Corr & William F Denman Jr-Med Systems Software)[CMD]
Asylum II (1982)(William F Denman Jr-Med Systems Software)[CAS][16K]
Asylum II (1982)(William F Denman Jr-Med Systems Software)[CAS][32K]
Asylum II (1982)(William F Denman Jr-Med Systems Software)[CMD]
ATB ASCII to BINARY Converter v1.1 (1979)(Lance Micklus)[CMD]
ATB ASCII to BINARY Converter v2.0 (1980)(Lance Micklus)[CMD]
ATB ASCII to BINARY Converter v2.2 (1980)(Lance Micklus)[CMD]
ATC Air Traffic Controller (1979)(David Mannering)[CMD][TRSDOS]
ATC Air Traffic Controller v1.0 (1979)(David Mannering)[CMD]
ATC Air Traffic Controller v1.2 (1979)(David Mannering)[CMD]
ATerm (1979)(Acorn Software)[CMD]
ATerm (1979)(Tom Stibolt-Acorn)[CMD]
Atlantian Odyssey Adventure (1980)(Teri Li & Mark Robinson-Interpro)[CMD]
Atlantic Adventure (19xx)(G Rahman)(NL)[BAS]
Atlantic Balloon Crossing v3.3 (19xx)(Dean Powell)[BAS]
Atlantis (1981)(Basics and Beyond Inc)[BAS]
Atlantis Adventure (19xx)(Greg Hassett-Mad Hatter)[BAS]
Atom 2000 (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Atom Simulation (19xx)(Ton Engelgeer)(NL)[BAS]
Attack Force (1980)(Big Five Software)[CMD]
Attack of the TRS-80 (1982)(Hollie Saterfield-80-Micro)[BAS]
Attack! (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Attackers (19xx)(Jim Pritchett)[BAS]
Audio Demonstration (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Auk's Computer Filing System (1982)(David Alva)[a][BAS]
Auk's Computer Filing System (1982)(David Alva)[BAS]
Auk's Computer Filing System (1982)(David Alva)[DMK]
Australian Tax Guide 1981 (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Auto Cost Computations (19xx)(David Busch)[BAS]
Auto Kosten (19xx)(-)(NL)[a][BAS]
Auto Kosten (19xx)(-)(NL)[BAS]
Auto Log v1.3 (1978)(John McClain)[BAS]
Auto Mileage Program (1978)(The Bottom Shelf)[BAS]
Auto Profiles (19xx)(-)(NL)[BAS]
Auto Rally (19xx)(-)(DE)[BAS]
Auto's Best Friend (1979)(J R Lewis)[BAS]
Auto-Race (1983)(G Rahman)(NL)[BAS]
Auto-Race (1987)(G Rahman)(NL)[BAS]
Auto-Race (1987)(G Rahman)[BAS]
Auto-Scan (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Autoboot (1979)(The Peripheral People)[BAS]
AutoConnect Database (1980)(BT Enterprises)[BAS]
AutoDir Menu System (19xx)(-)[CMD]
Autogram (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Automated Business Forms (1986)(Steve Joy)[BAS]
Automatic All Upper Case to Upper Lower Case Mail List Conversion (1980)(International Data Services)[Bas]
Automatic Command Execution for NEWDOS-80 (19xx)(-)[CMD]
Automatic Curve Plotter v2.2 (1981)(T W Hansch)[BAS]
Automatic Density Recognition (19xx)(-)[CMD]
Automatic Directory v3.3 (19xx)(Guy Omer)[CMD]
Automatic Disk Menu (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Automatic Double Density Recognition (19xx)(-)[CMD]
Automatic Filter and Driver Relocator (1982)(Jim Frimmel)[ASM]
Automatic PDRIVE Recognition v5.3 (19xx)(Craft-80)[CMD]
Automatic Periodic Chart of Elements (1980)(CLOAD Magazine)[BAS]
Automatic System Loader (1982)(-)(DE)[BAS]
Automatic Technical Statement Generator (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Automatic Telephone Dialer (1982)(Nick Andrew)[BAS]
Automatically Copy Files from 0 to 1 (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Autorennen (19xx)(Radio Shack)(NL)[BAS]
Autoterm (1981)(Michael Spohnholtz-Microperipheral Corp)[BAS]
AutoTrack v1.0 (1981)(Robert Lloyd)[BAS]
Autowriter (1982)(Richard Keijzer)(NL)[BAS]
Average Growth Rate-Future Projections (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Averages (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Awari (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Awari (19xx)(Creative Computing)[BAS]
Awari (19xx)(Kim Watt-Breeze Computing)[BAS]
Awari (19xx)(Scott Adams-Softside)[BAS]
B-1 Nuclear Bomb Game (1980)(Avalon Hill Microcomputer Games)[BAS]
B-17 (19xx)(-)[CMD]
B.A.M. Operating System v4.2 (19xx)(-)[CMD]
Bable Terror (1982)(Yves Lempereur)[CMD]
Baby Bug Monitor (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Baby Dub (19xx)(Dennis Bathory-Kitsz)[ASM]
Baby Q (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Baby Quest (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Baby Root RAM Checker (19xx)(Dennis Bathory-Kitsz)[ASM]
Baby Root RAM Checker (19xx)(Dennis Bathory-Kitsz)[CMD][48K]
Baby Zap (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Babydub (19xx)(Dennis Bathory-Kitsz)[CAS]
Babysitter (1978)(The Bottom Shelf)[BAS]
Baccarat (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Back-Track Disk Utility (1983)(Ridge-Tec Inc)[CMD]
Backgammon (1978)(Radio Shack)[a][BAS]
Backgammon (1978)(Radio Shack)[a][CAS]
Backgammon (1978)(Radio Shack)[CAS]
Backgammon (1978)(Scott Adams)[BAS]
Backgammon (1979)(Bill Miller)[CMD]
Backgammon (1979)(Radio Shack)[BAS]
Backgammon (1989)(Bill Miller)[CMD][TRSDOS]
Backgammon (19xx)(-)[a][BAS]
Backgammon (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Backgammon (19xx)(-)[CMD]
Backgammon (19xx)(Ese GmbH)(DE)[BAS]
Backgammon (19xx)(Jeff Vavasour)[CMD]
Backgammon (19xx)(Kim Watt)[BAS]
Backgammon 40 (19xx)(-)[CMD]
Backgammon v1.01 (1979)(Norman J Wazaney Jr)[BAS]
Backgammon v5.5 (1980)(Mike Gariepy-Simutek)[BAS]
Backpacking (1985)(Ian Sokoliwski)[BAS]
Backpacking Adventure (1981)(R France)[a2][BAS]
Backpacking Adventure (1981)(R France)[a3][BAS]
Backpacking Adventure (1981)(R France)[a][BAS]
Backpacking Adventure (19xx)(R France)[BAS]
Backup v2.1 (1980)(C Lindley)(DE)[CMD]
Bagels (1983)(Kevin Ciotta)[BAS]
Bagels Number Guessing Game (1982)(Charles Sullivan-Cue)[BAS]
Baggage Charges (1985)(Andy Johnson)[BAS]
Baja Race (1980)(Computer Shack)[CMD]
Ball Box (19xx)(Art Molz)[BAS]
Ball Turret Gunner (1979)(Instant Software)[BAS]
Ballyhoo Rel 97 (1986)(Infocom)[a][CMD]
Ballyhoo Rel 97 (1986)(Infocom)[CMD]
Bandit (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Bandit v1.0 (1982)(Richard Buffone)[CMD]
Bandito (1979)(Doug Prosser)[BAS]
Bank Shot (1979)(Bob Christensen)[BAS]
Banko (1978)(Lance Micklus)[BAS]
Banner (1975)(Tom Kelly)[BAS]
Banner (1980)(Charles Knight)[BAS]
Banner (19xx)(Author Unknown 1)[BAS]
Banner (19xx)(Author Unknown 2)[BAS]
Banner (19xx)(Author Unknown 3)[BAS]
Banner (19xx)(Author Unknown 4)[BAS]
Banner (19xx)(Author Unknown 5)[BAS]
Banner (19xx)(Author Unknown 6)[BAS]
Banner (19xx)(Author Unknown 7)[BAS]
Banner (19xx)(Author Unknown 8)[BAS]
Banner (19xx)(Author Unknown 9)[BAS]
Banner (19xx)(Breeze Computing)[BAS]
Banner (19xx)(Daniel Vernon)[BAS]
Banner (19xx)(James Garon)[BAS]
Banner (19xx)(Mark Lillywhite)[BAS]
Banner (19xx)(Nick Andrew)[BAS]
Banner Maker (1982)(Paul Jundquist)[BAS]
Banner Maker (19xx)(Kim Watt)[BAS]
Banner Super (19xx)(Rob Balewski)[BAS]
Bar Code Printing Programs (19xx)(-)[CMD]
Bar Graph Program (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Bar Graphing (1978)(Creative Computing)[BAS]
Bard and Poet Poem Generation Programs (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Barricade! (1979)(Small System Software)[CMD]
Barrier (19xx)(Richard Ramella)[BAS]
Bartender (1978)(The Bottom Shelf)[BAS]
Bartender (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Bartender Guide (19xx)(Herrn Reiher)(DE)[BAS]
Barter (19xx)(David Busch)[BAS]
BASCOM Compiler v5.11 (1979)(Microsoft)[a][DSK]
BASCOM Compiler v5.11 (1979)(Microsoft)[CMD]
BASCOM Compiler v5.11 (1979)(Microsoft)[DSK]
BASCOM Compiler v5.23 (1979)(Microsoft)[a2][CMD]
BASCOM Compiler v5.23 (1979)(Microsoft)[a3][CMD]
BASCOM Compiler v5.23 (1979)(Microsoft)[a][CMD]
BASCOM Compiler v5.23 (1979)(Microsoft)[CMD]
BASCOM Compiler v5.23 (1979)(Microsoft)[DSK]
Base Change Calculator (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Base Conversion TSR (1982)(Leslie Mikesell)[CMD]
Baseball (1982)(Ira Goldklang-Microvations Inc)[CMD]
Baseball (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Baseball Program (19xx)(David Bohlke-Hugh Cushing)[BAS]
Baseball Program (19xx)(David Bohlke-Tom Orr)[BAS]
Basex (1979)(Paul Warme)[CMD]
Basic Answer (19xx)(-)[DSK][Serial Number TBA-20029]
Basic Arithmetic Drill (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Basic Autoexecution Routine Patch for Level II BASIC (19xx)(-)[ASM]
Basic Bug Hunt (1980)(S W Hawkinson)[BAS]
Basic Bugs (1981)(S W Hawkinson)[BAS]
BASIC Compiler v1.0 (1981)(D P Bertsekas)[BAS]
BASIC Compiler v2.0 (1981)(D P Bertsekas)[BAS]
Basic Cross-Reference Listing Program (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Basic Director v2.0 (1978)(Ralph Burris)[BAS]
Basic Disk Index Label Reader (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Basic Electronic Formulas (1978)(Instant Software)[BAS]
BASIC Faster & Better- Library Disk (1981)(Lewis Rosenfelder-IJG)[a2][BAS]
BASIC Faster & Better- Library Disk (1981)(Lewis Rosenfelder-IJG)[a3][DSK]
BASIC Faster & Better- Library Disk (1981)(Lewis Rosenfelder-IJG)[a4][BAS]
BASIC Faster & Better- Library Disk (1981)(Lewis Rosenfelder-IJG)[a][BAS]
BASIC Faster & Better- Library Disk (1981)(Lewis Rosenfelder-IJG)[BAS]
BASIC Faster & Better- Library Disk (1981)(Lewis Rosenfelder-IJG)[BAS][Disk 1 of 2]
BASIC Faster & Better- Library Disk (1981)(Lewis Rosenfelder-IJG)[BAS][Disk 2 of 2]
BASIC Faster & Better- Library Disk (1981)(Lewis Rosenfelder-Tandy)[a][DSK][Master]
BASIC Faster & Better- Library Disk v1.0 (1981)(Lewis Rosenfelder-IJG)[DSK][Master]
Basic Faster and Better & Other Mysteries (1981)(Lewis Rosenfelder-IJG)[BAS]
BASIC Faster and Better Subroutines (19xx)(-)[BAS][Disk 1 of 2]
BASIC Faster and Better Subroutines (19xx)(-)[BAS][Disk 2 of 2]
BASIC Faster and Better- Demonstration (1981)(Lewis Rosenfelder-IJG)[DSK]
Basic File Management Utility (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Basic File Utility (19xx)(-)[BAS]
BASIC Functions Demo (19xx)(-)[BAS]
BASIC Functions Name List in ROM (19xx)(W4UCH)[BAS]
BASIC LISP v1.1 (1981)(Randy Baer)[BAS]
Basic Mailing Label Program v1.0 (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Basic Memory Test (1978)(Ed Faulk)[BAS]
BASIC Merge Program (19xx)(Peoples Software)[CMD]
Basic Monitor (1979)(Edwin R Paay)[CMD]
Basic Program Cross Reference Utility (1979)(Robert G Kilgus)[CMD]
BASIC Program to SYSTEM Converter (19xx)(Dennis Bathory-Kitsz)[ASM]
BASIC Run-Time (1981)(Ryan-McFarland Corp)[a][DMK]
BASIC Run-Time (1981)(Ryan-McFarland Corp)[a][DSK]
BASIC Run-Time (1981)(Ryan-McFarland Corp)[DMK]
BASIC Run-Time (1981)(Ryan-McFarland Corp)[DSK]
Basic Text Editor (1979)(Hubert S Howe Jr)[BAS]
BASIC to Electric Pencil Converter (19xx)(James Garon)[BAS]
BASIC to Electric Pencil File Conversion Utility (1980)(International Data Services)[Bas]
Basic Word Processor (1982)(Robert Labenski-CLOAD)[a][BAS]
Basic Word Processor (1982)(Robert Labenski-CLOAD)[BAS]
Basic Word Processor (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Basic Word Processor (19xx)(Author Unknown 2)[BAS]
Basic Word Search Program (19xx)(Jim Mumaugh)[BAS]
BASIC-S II v1.8 Compiler (1982)(Bill Stockwell-Powersoft)[CMD]
BASIC-S v2.1 Compiler (19xx)(Bill Stockwell)[CMD]
BASICComp (19xx)(-)[BAS]
BasicMod for NewDos (19xx)(-)[CMD]
Basketball (1980)(John Allen-Acorn)[CMD]
Basketball (1980)(John Allen-Acorn)[DMK]
Basketball (19xx)(Breeze Computing)[BAS]
Basketball (19xx)(Creative Computing)[BAS]
Basketball (19xx)(William S Pitt)[BAS]
Basketball Shoot (1985)(Brett Dolan)[BAS]
BASLIB-REL (19xx)(-)[a][BAS]
BASLIB-REL (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Bass Population (1972)(SUNY)[BAS]
Bastem (19xx)(-)[CMD]
Batter Up (1979)(Karl Savon-Hayden)[CMD]
Batter Up (19xx)(TRS-80 Software Exchange)[BAS]
Batter Up (19xx)(TRS-80 Software Exchange)[CAS]
Battering Ram (1982)(Ira Goldklang-Microvations Inc)[CMD]
Battle (19xx)(Creative Computing)[BAS]
Battle at Blitz (19xx)(C Macnish & J Triffitt)[BAS]
Battle Beyond The Stars (19xx)(Richard K Merryman)[BAS]
Battle for Normandy (1982)(Strategic Simulations)[BAS]
Battle for SAVO Island (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Battle of Zeighty (1982)(JMG Software)[DMK]
Battle Station (1981)(Dubois & McNamara)[ASM]
Battle Station (1981)(Dubois & McNamara)[CMD]
Battle Station (19xx)(-)[CMD][c The Gladiator]
Battle Trek (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Battleship (1980)(Keith Rupp)[BAS]
Battleship (1981)(Arthur J Byrnes)[BAS]
Battleship (19xx)(Author Unknown 1)[BAS]
Battleship (19xx)(Author Unknown 2)[BAS]
Battleship (19xx)(Author Unknown 3)[BAS]
Battleship (19xx)(Author Unknown 4)[BAS]
Battleship (19xx)(C.E Laidlaw)[BAS]
Battleship (19xx)(Delaney Enterprise)[BAS]
Battleship (19xx)(Harley Dyk)[BAS]
Battleship (19xx)(Joan Hosch)[BAS]
Battleship for the Flying Dutchman (19xx)(Scott)[BAS]
Battleships (1985)(The Lensman)[BAS][BBS]
Battlestar Galactica (19xx)(Anthony Wood)[BAS]
BB v1.7b (1989)(-)[CMD]
BB v1.8a (1989)(-)[CMD]
BB v1.9 (1989)(-)[CMD]
BBCDisk v1.5 (1984)(Mike Lewis-Molimerx Ltd)[DSK]
Beam Antenna Program (1978)(Instant Software)[BAS]
Beat the Champ (1979)(Software Factory)[BAS]
Bedlam Adventure (1982)(Radio Shack)[CAS]
Bedlam Adventure (19xx)(Radio Shack)[CMD]
Bee Wary (1979)(Leo Christopherson)[BAS]
Bee Wary (1979)(Leo Christopherson-80-NW Publishing)[BAS]
Bee Wary (1986)(Leo Christopherson-Powersoft)[BAS]
BeeCon to ASC Converter (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Beginners Backgammon (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Benchmark System Using Prime Numbers (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Benchmark Tests (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Bequest- A Game of Greed (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Bi-Hangman (1982)(Mike Franks-The Alternate Source)[a2][BAS]
Bi-Hangman (1982)(Mike Franks-The Alternate Source)[a][BAS]
Bi-Hangman (1982)(The Alternate Source)[BAS]
Bible Game (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Bible Quiz (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Bible Verse Trainer (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Biblemem (19xx)(Dan Shea)[BAS]
Bidding Software (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Bifurcation Tree (1993)(Ed J Gracely)[BAS]
Big Factorials (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Bigprint (1978)(Mad Hatter Software)[CAS]
Bilingual Hangman (1982)(Mike Franks-The Alternate Source)[BAS]
Bill Maker (19xx)(Theo Wuyts)(NL)[CMD]
Billing Program (19xx)(John Bruton)[BAS]
Billy and the Electric Troll (1981)(Victor Albino)[BAS]
Binary Clock (19xx)(Jack Decker)[CMD]
Binary Dub for Casettes (19xx)(-)[CMD]
Binary Number Converter (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Binary Tree (1979)(Robert McDaniel)[BAS]
BinASCII Binary to ASCII Converter (19xx)(Odell Damon)[BAS]
BinErr v1.0 (1981)(David Lindbergh)[CMD]
BinErr v1.1 (1981)(David Lindbergh)[CMD]
Bingo (1979)(Cybermate)[BAS]
Bingo (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Bingo (19xx)(James Garon)[BAS]
Bingo (19xx)(Karen Chepko)[BAS]
Bingo (19xx)(Russel Starkey)[BAS]
BinHex (1981)(Tim Mann)[BAS]
BinHex (19xx)(Tim Mann)[CMD]
BinHex and HexBin (19xx)(Tim Mann)[BAS]
BinHex II (19xx)(Tim Mann)[CMD]
BinHex v1.3 (1983)(David Lindbergh)[CMD]
BinHex-HexBin v1.2 (1981)(David Lindbergh)[CMD]
Binomial Distribution (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Binomial Probability Calculator (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Bionic BASIC (19xx)(Micro Consultants)[DMK]
BioPlot v10.2 (1978)(Racet Computers)[BAS]
Biorythm (1979)(Personal Computing)[BAS]
Biorythm (1979)(Tom Rugg-Phil Feldman)[BAS]
Biorythm (1982)(A & V Computer Services)[BAS]
Biorythm (1989)(Wolfgang Kohler)(DE)[BAS]
Biorythm (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Biorythm (19xx)(Author Unknown 2)[BAS]
Biorythm (19xx)(Author Unknown 3)[BAS]
Biorythm (19xx)(Steve Bjork)[BAS]
Biorythm (19xx)(W R Cramond)[BAS]
Biorythm Analysis (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Biorythm Analysis (19xx)(EACA International Limited)[BAS]
Biorythm Calendar (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Biorythm for a 15 Day Spread (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Biorythm Plotting Program (1977)(Mark Falk)[BAS]
Biorythm Plotting Program (19xx)(Frank Rowlett Jr)[BAS]
Biorythm Program (1978)(John Augustowski)[BAS]
Biorythm Scientific Lifestyle Prediction Technique (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Biorythm v5.0 (1980)(D M Bartusik)[BAS]
Biorythm- First Day of the Rest of Your Life (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Biorythmic Calendar (1978)(J D Robertson-Creative Computing)[BAS]
Biorythms (1978)(D.A.G.-BasicWare)[BAS]
Biorythms (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Birthday Card (1983)(Wolfgang Kohler)(DE)[BAS]
Birthday Coincidence Calculator (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Bit Image Graphics for Graphix-80 (1981)(Roger Smith)[BAS]
Bit-Map String Function Demonstration (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Bit-Map String Search Demonstration (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Biz 80 General Ledger v1.0 (19xx)(Biz-80)[DSK]
Black Box (1979)(Creative Computing)[BAS]
Black Box (1980)(Charles Cranford)[BAS]
Black Box (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Black Box v2.0 (19xx)(Morris Jones)[BAS]
Black Hole v2.1 (1982)(Funsoft)[CMD]
Black Hole v2.1 (1982)(Funsoft)[CMD][c Cracker Jack]
Black Hole v2.1 (19xx)(Micro 2000)[CMD]
Black Knight (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Blackjack (1979)(Radio Shack)[a][BAS]
Blackjack (1979)(Radio Shack)[a][CAS]
Blackjack (1979)(Radio Shack)[BAS]
Blackjack (1979)(Radio Shack)[CAS]
Blackjack (1983)(John Bilotta)[BAS]
Blackjack (1983)(Tom Cook-John Wardle)[BAS]
Blackjack (19xx)(-)[a2][BAS]
Blackjack (19xx)(-)[a][BAS]
Blackjack (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Blackjack (19xx)(Brad Fairfield)[BAS]
Blackjack (19xx)(Creative Computing)[BAS]
Blackjack (19xx)(Ken Tracton)[BAS]
Blackjack (19xx)(Kim Watt)[BAS]
Blackjack Basic Strategy Program (1979)(Jerry Howard-Kilobaud)[BAS]
Blackjack Master (1980)(Norman J Wazaney Jr-Hayden Book)[BAS]
Blank Slate (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Blast-O (19xx)(Lee Stafford)[BAS]
Blast-O (19xx)(Lee Stafford)[CMD]
Blinde Kaart Van Nederland (19xx)(U Fekken)(NL)[BAS]
Blinking and Repeating (19xx)(Craig A Lindley)[CMD]
Blinking Block Cursor (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Blinking Text Test (19xx)(-)[CMD]
Blinky (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Blipper Single Voice Music Subroutine (19xx)(Dennis Bathory-Kitsz)[ASM]
Blitzkrieg (1982)(Ira Goldklang-Microvations Inc)[CMD]
Block Print (19xx)(Cindi Sweeney)[BAS]
Block Print (19xx)(Vicki Peterson)[BAS]
Block Printer (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Blockade (19xx)(Peter Trefonas)[BAS]
Blockers (19xx)(William Scott Watson)[BAS]
Blokkade (1982)(-)(NL)[BAS]
Blue Pencil (1983)(Cornucopia Software Inc)[DSK]
Bluff It (1979)(Roy Groth)[BAS]
Bluff It (19xx)(-)(NL)[a][BAS]
Bluff It (19xx)(-)(NL)[BAS]
Boa (19xx)(-)(DE)[BAS]
Board Cutting Helper (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Bob Boothe 4 Road Race Demo (19xx)(Bob Boothe)[BAS]
Bob Boothe 5 3-D Graphs on a Printer (19xx)(Bob Boothe)[BAS]
Bob Boothe 6 3-D Surface with Single Dots (19xx)(Bob Boothe)[BAS]
Bob Boothe 7 Rotating Screw (19xx)(Bob Boothe)[BAS]
Boggle (19xx)(-)[a][BAS]
Boggle (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Boing (1980)(Ron Webster-Softside)[BAS]
Boing (19xx)(-)(NL)[BAS]
Boing Graphics Demonstration (19xx)(-)[a2][CMD]
Boing Graphics Demonstration (19xx)(-)[a][BAS]
Boing Graphics Demonstration (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Bomb Squad (1984)(Robert Doerr)[CMD]
Bomb Squad (19xx)(William Scott Watson)[BAS]
Bombadier (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Bombardment (19xx)(Creative Computing)[BAS]
Bomber (1980)(SoftSide Publications)[BAS]
Bomber (1982)(Lee Pelletier)[CMD]
Bomber (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Bomber (19xx)(-)[CMD]
Bomber (19xx)(Chris Freund)[BAS]
Bomber (19xx)(James Garon)[CMD]
Bomber Program (1983)(Brenda Byars)[BAS]
Bomber Run (1980)(Image Producers)[CMD]
Bomber! (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Bombs Away (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Bones (19xx)(80-Microcomputing)[BAS]
Book Inventory List (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Bookkeeping File Creator System (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Boot (19xx)(Kim Watt)[CMD]
Boot Hill (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Boot Loader (19xx)(Kim Watt)[SRC]
Boot Message (19xx)(-)[CMD]
Boot Message Customizer for TRSDOS and NEWDOS v1.1 (1979)(Michael Wagner)[BAS]
Boot-80 (19xx)(-)[SRC]
Boot-Head (1984)(P Fransen)[BAS]
BoskOne v1.51 (1982)(Tom Theil-Cosmic Software)[CMD]
Boss v2.0 (1980)(Vernon B Hester)[CMD]
Boss v2.1 (1980)(Vernon B Hester)[CMD]
Bounce (1979)(CLOAD Magazine)[BAS]
Bounce (19xx)(-)[CMD]
Bounce (19xx)(Norman Dodds)[CMD]
Bounceoids (1982)(Cornsoft Group-Misosys Inc)[DMK][Master]
Bounceoids (1982)(Cornsoft Group-Misosys Inc)[DSK][Master]
Bounceoids (1982)(Robert Pappas-Cornsoft Group)[CMD]
Bouncing Balls (19xx)(Paul Bissex)[BAS]
Bouncing Dot (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Bower (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Bowling (1978)(Frank Rowlett Jr)[BAS]
Bowling (1979)(Instant Software)[BAS]
Bowling (1980)(Dom Conciatore)[BAS]
Bowling (1981)(CMR)[BAS]
Bowling (1981)(Michael Zellmer-CLOAD)[BAS]
Bowling (19xx)(Creative Computing)[BAS]
Bowling (19xx)(J Patterson)[BAS]
Bowling Alley (1979)(T Pepin)[BAS]
Bowling Alley Computerized (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Bowling League Maintenance (1979)(ISI)[BAS]
Bowling Math Test (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Bowling Statistician (1982)(80-Microcomputing)[BAS]
Box In (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Boxer (1982)(80-Microcomputing)[CMD]
Boxing (19xx)(Creative Computing)[BAS]
Boxwords (1984)(Richard Ramella)[BAS]
Braile Program (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Braille to-from Tape (19xx)(-)[BAS]
BRCDE (1982)(Yves Lempeurer)[CMD][Best]
Break (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Break Out (1980)(Steven Sanders)[CMD]
Break Out (1982)(Tom Hanson)(DE)[CMD]
Break Out (1982)(Tom Hanson)[BAS]
Break Out (1982)(Tom Hanson)[CMD]
Break Out (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Break v3.1 (1978)(Lance Micklus)[BAS]
Break-Even Analysis (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Breakthrough (19xx)(-)[CMD]
Breakthrough (19xx)(Bob Boothe)[EXE]
Breakthru v4.1 (1981)(Larry Meister)[CMD]
Breeze Computing BBS System (19xx)(Kim Watt)[BAS]
Breeze Copy With Format (19xx)(Kim Watt)[SRC]
Breeze Game Loader (19xx)(Kim Watt)[CMD]
Breeze Ledger (19xx)(Breeze Computing)[DSK]
Breeze Payables (19xx)(Breeze Computing)[DSK]
Breeze Payroll (19xx)(Kim Watt)[a2][DSK]
Breeze Payroll (19xx)(Kim Watt)[a3][DSK]
Breeze Payroll (19xx)(Kim Watt)[a4][DSK]
Breeze Payroll (19xx)(Kim Watt)[a5][DSK]
Breeze Payroll (19xx)(Kim Watt)[a6][DSK]
Breeze Payroll (19xx)(Kim Watt)[a][BAS]
Breeze Payroll (19xx)(Kim Watt)[a][DSK]
Breeze Payroll (19xx)(Kim Watt)[BAS]
Breeze Payroll (19xx)(Kim Watt)[CMD]
Breeze Payroll (19xx)(Kim Watt)[DSK]
Breeze Receivables (19xx)(Breeze Computing)[DSK]
Bridge (1978)(George Duisman)[BAS]
Bridge (19xx)(-)(NL)[a][BAS]
Bridge (19xx)(-)(NL)[BAS]
Bridge (19xx)(Instant Software)[BAS]
Bridge Challenger (1978)(George Duisman-Personal Software)[BAS]
Bridge v2.0 (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Bridge-80 v1.1 (1983)(G L Farnsworth)[BAS]
Bridge-REPORT (1982)(Solutions Inc)[BAS]
Bridge-SORT (1982)(Solutions Inc)[BAS]
British Isles Quiz (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Broadway (1979)(Robert Saturn)[BAS]
Broers Spiraal (19xx)(-)(NL)[BAS]
Bronchitis Home Remedy (19xx)(-)(DE)[BAS]
BTA v2.0 (1980)(Lance Micklus)[CMD]
BTA v2.2 (1980)(Lance Micklus)[CMD]
Bubble Sort (1980)(Peter Anspach-CLOAD)[BAS]
Bubble Sort Demonstration (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Budget (1989)(G Rahman)(NL)[BAS]
Budget (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Budget Management v1.0 (1979)(Radio Shack)[BAS]
Budget Management v1.0 (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Budget Planning Program (1978)(Tim Quinlan)[BAS]
Budget Program (1979)(R Fuller)[BAS]
Buffalo Herd Simulation (1978)(SUNY-Creative Computing)[BAS]
Buffer (19xx)(-)(NL)[BAS]
Bug Attack (19xx)(Eric Goldsmith)[CMD]
Bugs (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Bugs (19xx)(Dennis Bathory-Kitsz)[BAS]
Bugs from Outer Space (19xx)(Roger Smith)[CMD]
Build ASCII File Creator (19xx)(Janus Systems)[CMD]
Build ASCII Pictures Through Graphics (1980)(Brian Sakai)[BAS]
Build File Builder (1983)(Mel Patrick)[CMD]
Bullet-80 BBS v6.3 (1981)(Authorship In Dispute)[DSK]
Bullet-80 BBS v6.3 (1981)(Joe Simon)[BAS]
Bulletin Board Demonstration Program (19xx)(-)[ASM]
Bulletin-Brd BBS System (1984)(Bernadette Kelley)[a][BAS]
Bulletin-Brd BBS System (1984)(Bernadette Kelley)[BAS]
Bullfight (19xx)(Creative Computing)[BAS]
Bulls and Bears (19xx)(Speakeasy Software)[BAS]
Bullseye (1978)(Al Baker)[CMD]
Bullseye (19xx)(Creative Computing)[BAS]
Bullseye (19xx)(G2 Programming)[CMD]
Bullseye (19xx)(Kim Watt)[BAS]
Bumper Plurals (19xx)(Jasmine Alexander)[BAS]
Bunny (1979)(-)[BAS]
Bunny (19xx)(Kim Watt-Breeze Computing)[BAS]
Bunny Calendar (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Burger Builder (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Burglar's Adventure (19xx)(Bruce G Hansen)[CMD]
Burial Ground Adventure v3.4 (1979)(Joel Mick)[BAS]
Bus Schedule for Line 153 (19xx)(-)(DE)[BAS]
Bus Schedule for Line 2 (19xx)(-)(DE)[BAS]
Bus Schedule for Line 9 (19xx)(-)(DE)[BAS]
Business Addresses and Phone Number Index (1986)(Sherman Rose)[BAS]
Business Game (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Business Graphics (19xx)(John Corbani)[BAS]
Business Mailing List System v1.0 (1979)(Radio Shack)[BAS]
Business Mailing List System v2.1 (1979)(Radio Shack)[BAS]
Business Mailing List System v3.0 (1980)(Radio Shack)[a][BAS]
Business Mailing List System v3.0 (1980)(Radio Shack)[BAS]
Business Monthly Projection (1979)(Rich Shea)[BAS]
Business Pac 100 (19xx)(Peter Shenkin)[BAS]
Business Percentage Problems (19xx)(Daniel Miller)[BAS]
Business Systems Payroll (1980)(Radio Shack)[CAS]
Butler (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Byte Reading Guessing Game v3.9 (19xx)(Edward Huang)[BAS]
C Compiler v1.6a (19xx)(Misosys Inc)[CMD]
C Compiler v1.6a Libraries (19xx)(Misosys Inc)[CMD]
C Source File which Supports XMODEM Transfers (19xx)(-)[DAT]
C-All v0.0 (19xx)(The Alternate Source)[DSK]
C-All v1.0 (1980)(Mike Schulze)[CMD]
C.Itoh Printer Setter (1985)(Cy Galley)[BAS]
Calc Bin-Dec-Hex Keyboard LDOS Filter Conversion Routine v5.1 (1981)(Logical Systems Inc)[FLT]
Calcs III v1.0 (1980)(Meta Technologies Corporation)[BAS]
Calcs III v1.5 (1982)(Softrends Inc)[BAS]
Calculate 'e' (1984)(-)(DE)[BAS]
Calculate Miscellaneous Electronic Formulas (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Calculate Sum of the Cubes of the Digits (1981)(Toma Kondovski)[BAS]
Calculate the Area of a Triangle (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Calculate the Date of the Barrel (19xx)(-)(FR)[BAS]
Calculate the First Day of Each Season (19xx)(-)(FR)[BAS]
Calculate the Position of the Satellites of Jupiter (19xx)(-)(FR)[BAS]
Calculate the Root of a Number (19xx)(Tom Kondovski)[BAS]
Calculate Time to Double an Investment (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Calculate Time to Heat or Cool a Tank of Water (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Calculates Number of Program Lines (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Calculator (1981)(Toma Kondovski)[BAS]
Calculator in One Line (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Calculator Plus (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Calendar (1981)(IJS Electronics)[BAS]
Calendar (19xx)(Author Unknown 1)[BAS]
Calendar (19xx)(Author Unknown 2)[BAS]
Calendar (19xx)(Author Unknown 3)[BAS]
Calendar (19xx)(Author Unknown 4)[BAS]
Calendar (19xx)(Author Unknown 5)[BAS]
Calendar (19xx)(Byron Brower)[BAS]
Calendar (19xx)(Joel Mick)[BAS]
Calendar and Date Program (19xx)(Harris)[BAS]
Calendar Creator (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Calendar Generation Routine (1979)(Douglas Johnson-CLOAD)[BAS]
Calendar Maker (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Calendar Printer (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Calendar Program (1981)(80 Microcomputing)[BAS]
California Income Tax Program (19xx)(-)[BAS]
California State Lotto Number Picker (1986)(Edwin Bright)[BAS]
Call Sign Duplicate Checker (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Call Sign Sorter (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Calories Used Running (1981)(M Mayer-Kielmann)[BAS]
Camel (19xx)(Creative Computing)[BAS]
Camel's Back (19xx)(William Scott Watson)[BAS]
Camping Food Requirement Calculator (1985)(D K Carke)[BAS]
Capitols (19xx)(Warren McKenna)[BAS]
Capture (1978)(BasicWare)[BAS]
Capture (19xx)(-)[CMD]
Capture (19xx)(Adventure International)[CMD]
Capture (19xx)(D.A.G.)[CMD]
Capture (19xx)(Jeff Fisher)[BAS]
Capture v3.2 (19xx)(Adventure International)[CMD]
Capture v3.5 (19xx)(Kim Watt)[CMD]
Car Deal (1980)(Jack Martin)[BAS]
Car Gasoline Usage Tracker (19xx)(P Huisman)(NL)[BAS]
Car Maintenence (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Car Payment Schedule (1983)(Kinsley)[BAS]
Car Race (1980)(Manuel Bronstein)[CMD]
Car Race (1982)(Dale Walhovd)[BAS]
Car Race (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Car Race (19xx)(Jeff Rochholz)[BAS]
Car Race- Gonzo International 500 (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Car Racer (19xx)(Software Innovations)[CMD]
Card Sharps (19xx)(David Busch)[BAS]
Card Subroutines (1980)(John T Phillippe)[BAS]
Cardoni 2 (1980)(-)[BAS]
Cards (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Carnival (19xx)(Kim Watt)[CMD][Beta]
Carnival (19xx)(Kim Watt)[SRC][Beta]
Carpool Information List (19xx)(Bill Louden)[BAS]
Carriage Returns Out (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Cartesian Coordinate Graphing (19xx)(David W Mawdsley-Creative Computing)[BAS]
Cash Register Game (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Casino Games Pack (1979)(Radio Shack)[CAS]
Casino Games Pack v1.0 (1979)(Radio Shack)[a2][BAS]
Casino Games Pack v1.0 (1979)(Radio Shack)[a][BAS]
Casino Games Pack v1.0 (1979)(Radio Shack)[BAS]
Casino Games Pack- Baccarat v1.0 (1979)(Radio Shack)[BAS]
Casino Games Pack- Baccarrat (1979)(Radio Shack)[BAS]
Casino Games Pack- Craps (1979)(Radio Shack)[BAS]
Casino Games Pack- Keno (1979)(Radio Shack)[BAS]
Casino Games Pack- Reno Casino Slots & Wheel of Fortune (1980)(Radio Shack)[h][BAS]
Casino Games Pack- Roulette (1979)(Radio Shack)[BAS]
Casino Games Pack- Slots (1979)(Radio Shack)[BAS]
Casino Games Pack- Wheel (1979)(Radio Shack)[BAS]
Casino Games Pack- Wheel of Fortune (19xx)(Radio Shack)[BAS]
Casino Slot Machine (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Cassette Comm v1.0 (19xx)(-)[CMD]
Cassette Graphics v2.4 (1979)(Level IV Products Inc)[BAS]
Cassette Label Maker (19xx)(Peter Shenkin)[BAS]
Cassette Labeler (19xx)(Steve Joy)[BAS]
Cassette Load Evaluation Routine (1980)(Dennis Bathory-Kitsz)[ASM]
Cassette Portfolio Analysis (1980)(Radio Shack)[CAS]
Cassette Program Directory (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Cassette Read and Display (1982)(80 Microcomputing)[BAS]
Cassette Tape Length Calculator (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Cassette Test Program (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Cassette-Scope (1980)(Dennis Bathory-Kitsz)[ASM]
Cassette-Scope (1980)(Dennis Bathory-Kitsz)[CMD]
Castle Adventure (1982)(-)[BAS]
Castle Graphic (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Castle Shot (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Cat and Mouse (19xx)(-)[BAS]
CAT Directory Listing (19xx)(-)[CMD]
Catalog Disk Cataloger (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Catalog Disk v1.1 (1984)(Macswain Enterprises)[CMD]
Catalog1 Disk Cataloger (19xx)(Reg Peeples)[BAS]
Catalog1 Disk Cataloger v2.1 (19xx)(Reg Peeples)[BAS]
CatDoc File Cataloger v3.0 (1987)(Guy Omer)[CMD]
Caterpillar (1981)(Soft Sector Marketing Inc)[DMK]
Caterpillar (1982)(Soft Sector Marketing Inc)[CMD]
Caterpillar (19xx)(Bob Boothe)[CMD]
Caveman (1982)(W Mansell-Kansas Software)[EXE]
Cavern Quest (1982)(Barry Diller)[CMD]
Caverns of Doom (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Caves and Creatures (19xx)(George Arseneault)[BAS]
Celeste Music Demo- Somewhere Over the Rainbow (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Celeste Music Demo- Star Trek Theme (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Celeste Music Demo- Unknown Song (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Celestial Mechanics Orbiter (1982)(-)[BAS]
Cell Membrane Simulation (19xx)(Micro Learningware)[BAS]
Cell Multiplication Program (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Center a Text File (19xx)(Steve Joy)[BAS]
Centimeters and Millimeters (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Centipede (19xx)(Bob Boothe)[CMD]
Centipede Attack (1981)(Dubois & McNamara)[CMD]
Centronics Driver (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Certify (1980)(Phil Yeary)[CMD]
Chain Command Writer (1980)(JTP)[BAS]
Chainer (1980)(Frank R Neal)[BAS]
Chaining Files (1981)(Daniel E Vaughn)[BAS]
Chalkboard (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Challenge (1979)(Richard Taylor)[BAS]
Challenge Match 'em (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Change (19xx)(Bill Here-Warren McKenna)[BAS]
Change Calculator (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Change Cursor in Basic (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Change the Cursor (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Changer (19xx)(Chuck Jean & Bart Davis)[BAS]
Chango (1985)(Lance Wolstrup)[CMD]
Char It (19xx)(Green Mountain Software)[BAS]
Character Development Program for Lowerkit ROMs (1981)(Dennis Bathory-Kitsz)[a2][BAS]
Character Development Program for Lowerkit ROMs (1981)(Dennis Bathory-Kitsz)[a3][BAS]
Character Development Program for Lowerkit ROMs (1981)(Dennis Bathory-Kitsz)[a4][BAS]
Character Development Program for Lowerkit ROMs (1981)(Dennis Bathory-Kitsz)[a][BAS]
Character Development Program for Lowerkit ROMs (1981)(Dennis Bathory-Kitsz)[BAS]
Character Differences (19xx)(Nick Andrew)[ASM]
Character Differences (19xx)(Nick Andrew)[CMD]
Character Strip Utility (19xx)(Kim Watt)[CMD][LDOS]
Character Trap Filter v5.1 (1981)(Logical Systems Inc)[FLT]
Chart Plotting Program (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Chase (1979)(Creative Computing)[BAS]
Chase (19xx)(Steven Wexler)[BAS]
Chat Module (19xx)(Bob Ward)[BAS]
Chebyshev Curve Fit (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Check Balance Program v2.1 (19xx)(Lance Micklus)[BAS]
Check Finder (1981)(Lance Micklus)[BAS][Tape]
Check Writer (1979)(John Melton III)[BAS]
Checkbook Balance and Verify (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Checkbook Balancer (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Checkbook Balancing System (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Checkbook Ledger (1978)(Software Exchange)[BAS]
Checkbook Maintenance Program (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Checkbook Maintenance Program (19xx)(Peter Shenkin)[BAS]
Checkbook Plus (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Checkbook Register (1980)(C W Evans)[BAS]
Checker Board (19xx)(-)(NL)[BAS]
Checkers (1980)(Instant Software)[BAS]
Checkers (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Checkers (19xx)(Breeze Computing)[BAS]
Checkers (19xx)(Creative Computing)[BAS]
Checkers (19xx)(Jeff Vavasour)[CMD]
Checkers (19xx)(Jim Campbell)[BAS]
Checkers v2.1 (19xx)(Simutek Ent)[BAS]
Checking v1.0 (1988)(David Miller)[BAS]
Checkmate (19xx)(The Programming Force)[BAS]
Checks (1985)(Sherman Rose)[BAS]
Checkwriter (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Checque Account Manager v1.0 (1981)(Dave Powell)[BAS]
Checque Printer (19xx)(-)(DE)[BAS]
Cheesier and Cheesier (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Chemical Elements (19xx)(John Flynn)[BAS]
Chemistry Quiz (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Chemodrill (1982)(I Gauvan)(NL)[BAS]
Chess (19xx)(-)[a][BAS]
Chess (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Chess (19xx)(Garry Thompson)[BAS]
Chess Men Graphic (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Chess Opening Program (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Chess Tutor (1981)(80-Microcomputing)[BAS]
Chessmate (19xx)(-)[CMD]
Chessmate-80 (1980)(Instant Software)[CAS]
Chessmate-80 for Level 1 (1980)(Instant Software)[CAS]
Chi Square Analysis (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Chi Square Test (19xx)(-)[a2][BAS]
Chi Square Test (19xx)(-)[a][BAS]
Chi Square Test (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Chi-Square Distribution (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Chicken (1982)(John Weaver Jr.-Factory Programming)[ASM]
Chicken (1982)(John Weaver Jr.-Factory Programming)[CMD]
Chicken! (19xx)(William Scott Watson)[BAS]
Chief Numbers Freak (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Children's Hour (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Chill Factor (19xx)(E W Koch)[BAS]
Chimps (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Chinese Calendar Calculator (1979)(Paul's Electric)[BAS]
chkrsun2 (19xx)(-)
Chomper (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Chompers (1982)(Alan Buckworth)[BAS]
ChopFile v1.0 (1988)(Nick Andrew)[CMD]
ChopFile v1.0 (1988)(Nick Andrew)[SRC]
Chopman II (1983)(Beth Rater)[BAS]
Chopper Defense (1984)(Robert Doerr)[CMD]
Chores by Week (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Chrismas Tree (19xx)(-)(DE)[BAS]
Chrismas Tree for MX-80 (19xx)(-)(DE)[BAS]
Christian vs Lion (19xx)(William Scott Watson)[BAS]
Christmas Card (1982)(-)(DE)[BAS]
Christmas Card (19xx)(G Hodgson-K Scott-Hall)[BAS]
Christmas Card Graphic (19xx)(-)(DE)[BAS]
Christmas Card List (1978)(The Bottom Shelf)[BAS]
Christmas Card- Video (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Christmas Carols (19xx)(-)[CMD]
Christmas Display (1988)(Andrew Bruns)[BAS]
Christmas Greeting (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Christmas Show and Tell (19xx)(Randy Hawkins)[BAS]
Chuck-A-Luck (1991)(Lance Wolstrup)[BAS]
Chuck-O Butler Mode and Scale Swapper (19xx)(Dennis Bathory-Kitsz)[BAS]
CIA Adventure (1980)(Hugh Lampert)[BAS]
Cinqauin Poems (1982)(Dorean Barnes-Cue)[BAS]
Cipher (19xx)(Richard Andree)[BAS]
Cipher (19xx)(Richard V Andree)[BAS]
Circle Game (1979)(W J Schuler)[BAS]
Circle Program (1981)(Wee Willy)[BAS]
Circuit Design (19xx)(-)(NL)[BAS]
CIS A Protocol v1.0 (1982)(Leslie Mikesell)[CMD]
CITOH Printer Demonstration Program (19xx)(-)[BAS]
City (1979)(Personal Computing)[BAS]
City Accessibility (19xx)(James Todd)[BAS]
City Adventure (1980)(Software Innovations)[BAS]
City Adventure (1980)(Software Innovations)[CAS]
City of Knossos (1981)(Simon L Smith-Med Systems Software)[CMD]
Civil Service Pay Calculators (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Civil War (19xx)(Kim Watt)[BAS]
Clash (1983)(Bill Dunlevy)[Dual Boot][DMK]
Clash (1983)(Bill Dunlevy-Computer Shack)[CMD]
Class Exercise in Bar Graphs (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Classic Game of Battleship (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Classic Logic Problems (19xx)(Ken Reilly)[BAS]
Clauses (19xx)(Andrea)[BAS]
Clax Eprom Program (19xx)(Dennis Bathory-Kitsz)[ASM]
Clax Eprom Program (19xx)(Dennis Bathory-Kitsz)[CMD]
Clean Disk (19xx)(Robert Athanasiou)[BAS]
Clean Disk Drive (1982)(Bob Brown)[BAS]
Cleanup (19xx)(Doug Schiller)[BAS]
Clear Directory v1.0 (19xx)(MDZ Associates)[CMD]
Clear Screen Demonstration (19xx)(Dennis Bathory-Kitsz)[ASM]
Cleveland Public School Math Tutorial- Algebra (1982)(Cleveland Board of Education)[BAS]
Cleveland Public School Math Tutorial- Arithmetic (1982)(Cleveland Board of Education)[BAS]
Cleveland Public School Math Tutorial- Decimals (1982)(Cleveland Board of Education)[BAS]
Cleveland Public School Math Tutorial- Fractions (1980)(Cleveland Board of Education)[BAS]
Cleveland Public School Math Tutorial- Geometry (1980)(Cleveland Board of Education)[BAS]
Cleveland Public School Math Tutorial- Graphing Functions (1980)(Cleveland Board of Education)[BAS]
Cleveland Public School Math Tutorial- Measurements (1980)(Cleveland Board of Education)[BAS]
Cleveland Public School Math Tutorial- Metric (1980)(Cleveland Board of Education)[BAS]
Cleveland Public School Math Tutorial- Percentages (1980)(Cleveland Board of Education)[BAS]
Cleveland Public School Math Tutorial- Proportions (1980)(Cleveland Board of Education)[BAS]
Cleveland Public School Math Tutorial- Statistics (1980)(Cleveland Board of Education)[BAS]
Cleveland Public School- Consumer (1980)(Cleveland Board of Education)[BAS]
Cleveland Public School- Literacy (1980)(Cleveland Board of Education)[BAS]
Cleveland Public School- Roman Numerals (1980)(Cleveland Board of Education)[BAS]
Cleveland Public School- Wordfind Puzzle Generator (1981)(Cleveland Board of Education)[BAS]
Clew (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Click (19xx)(Charles Tullis)[CMD]
Cliffhanger (19xx)(-)[BAS]
Climber (1983)(Paul Bissex)[BAS]
CList (1979)(Phil Yeary)[CMD]
Clitter (19xx)(-)[BAS]
CLOAD Magazine Cover Issue 79-06 (1979)(CLOAD Magazine)[BAS]
CLOAD Magazine Cover Issue 79-06 (1979)(CLOAD Magazine)[CAS]
CLOAD Magazine Cover Issue 79-08 (1979)(CLOAD Magazine)[BAS]
CLOAD Magazine Cover Issue 79-09 (1979)(CLOAD Magazine)[BAS]
CLOAD Magazine Cover Issue 79-10 (1979)(CLOAD Magazine)[BAS]
CLOAD Magazine Cover Issue 79-11 (1979)(CLOAD Magazine)[BAS]
CLOAD Magazine Cover Issue 79-12 (1979)(CLOAD Magazine)[BAS]
CLOAD Magazine Cover Issue 80-04 (1980)(CLOAD Magazine)[BAS]
CLOAD Magazine Cover Issue 80-05 (1980)(CLOAD Magazine)[BAS]
CLOAD Magazine Cover Issue 80-06 (1980)(CLOAD Magazine)[BAS]
CLOAD Magazine Cover Issue 80-11 (1980)(CLOAD Magazine)[BAS]
CLOAD Magazine Cover Issue 81-01 (1981)(CLOAD Magazine)[BAS]
CLOAD Magazine Cover Issue 82-02 (1982)(CLOAD Magazine)[BAS]
CLOAD Magazine Cover Issue 83-12 (1983)(CLOAD Magazine)[BAS]
CLOAD Magazine Cover Issue Best of CLOAD 1 (1983)(CLOAD Magazine)[BAS]

TRS-80 was Tandy Corporation's desktop microcomputer model line, sold through Tandy's Radio Shack stores in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The first units were rolled out to the stores the third week of December 1977. The line won popularity with hobbyists, home users, and small-businesses. Tandy Corporation's leading position in what Byte Magazine called the "1977 Trinity" (Apple, Commodore and Tandy) had much to do with Tandy's retailing the computer through more than 3000 of its Radio Shack (Tandy in Europe) storefronts.[2] Notable features of the original TRS-80 included its full-stroke QWERTY keyboard, small size, its Floating Point BASIC programming language, an included monitor, and a starting price of $600.[1] The pre-release price was $500 and a $50 deposit was required, with a money back guarantee at time of delivery. One major drawback of the original system was the massive RF interference it caused in surrounding electronics. This became a problem when it was determined to violate FCC regulations, leading to the Model I's phase out in favor of the new Model III

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