Colecovision Complete Roms Set

Colecovision Roms - Carts

2010 - The Graphic Action Game (USA, Europe)
Alcazar - The Forgotten Fortress (USA)
Alphabet Zoo (USA)
Amazing Bumpman (USA)
Amazing Snake v0.5 (2000)(Tremblay, Serge-Eric)(PD).rom Antarctic Adventure (USA, Europe)
Aquattack (USA)
Artillery Duel (USA)
BC's Quest for Tires (USA, Europe)
BC's Quest for Tires II - Grog's Revenge (USA, Europe)
Beamrider (USA)
Blockade Runner (USA)
Boulder Dash (USA)
Brain Strainers (USA, Europe)
Buck Rogers - Planet Of Zoom (USA, Europe)
Bump 'N' Jump (USA, Europe)
Burgertime (USA, Europe)
Cabbage Patch Kids - Adventures in the Park (USA, Europe)
Cabbage Patch Kids Picture Show (USA, Europe)
Campaign '84 (USA)
Carnival (USA, Europe)
Centipede (USA)
Choplifter (USA, Europe)
Chuck Norris - Super Kicks (USA)
Congo Bongo (USA, Europe)
Cosmic Avenger (USA, Europe)
Cosmic Crisis (USA)
Cosmo Challenge (1997)(de Kogel, Marcel)(PD).rom
Cosmo Fighter 2 (1997)(Red Bullet)(PD).rom
Dacman V1.2b by Daniel Bienvenu (Aug 01) (2000) (PD).rom
Dam Busters, The (USA, Europe)
Dance Fantasy (USA)
Death Race (PD).rom
Decathlon (USA)
Defender (USA)
Destructor (USA, Europe)
Dig Dug (USA) (Proto)
Donkey Kong (USA, Europe) (Adam)
Donkey Kong Jr (USA, Europe)
Dr. Seuss's Fix-Up The Mix-Up Puzzler (USA, Europe)
DragonFire (USA)
Dukes of Hazzard, The (USA, Europe)
Escape From The Mind Master (USA) (Proto)
Evolution (USA)
Facemaker (USA)
Fall Guy (Europe) (Proto)
Fathom (USA)
Flipper Slipper (USA)
Fortune Builder (USA, Europe)
Fraction Fever (USA)
Frantic Freddy (USA)
Frenzy! (USA, Europe)
Frogger (USA)
Frogger II - ThreeDeep! (USA)
From Out Of The Jungle - Tarzan (USA)
Frontline (USA, Europe)
Galaxian (USA) (Alt)
Gateway to Apshai (USA)
Gorf (USA, Europe)
Gust Buster (USA)
Gyruss (USA)
Heist, The (USA)
Illusions (USA, Europe)
Its Only Rock 'N' Roll (USA)
James Bond (USA)
Joust (USA) (Proto)
Juke Box (USA)
Jumpman Junior (USA)
Jungle Hunt (USA)
Ken Uston's Blackjack-Poker (USA, Europe)
Kevtris by Kevin Horton (Jun 12) (1996) (PD).rom Keystone Kapers (USA)
Lady Bug (USA, Europe)
Learning With Leeper (USA)
Linking Logic (USA)
Logic Levels (USA)
Looping (USA, Europe)
M.A.S.H (Europe)
Memory Manor (USA)
Meteoric Shower (USA)
Miner 2049er (USA)
Monkey Academy (USA, Europe)
Montezuma's Revenge (USA)
Moon Patrol (USA) (Proto)
Moonsweeper (USA)
Motocross Racer (USA) (Alt)
Mountain King (USA)
Mousetrap (USA, Europe)
Mr Do's Castle (USA)
Mr. Do! (USA, Europe)
Ms. Space Fury (USA) (Unl)
Nova Blast (USA)
Oil's Well (USA)
Omega Race (USA, Europe)
One on One (USA)
Orbit (1983) (Parker Bros) (Prototype).rom Pac-Man (USA) (Proto)
Pac-Man Collection Demo by Opcode (2006) (PD).rom Pepper II (USA, Europe)
Pitfall II - Lost Caverns (USA)
Pitfall! (USA)
Pitstop (USA)
Popeye (USA)
Porky's (USA) (Proto)
Power Lords - Quest for Volcan (USA) (Proto)
Purple Dinosaur Massacre by John Dondzila (1996) (PD).rom Q-bert (USA)
Q-bert II (USA)
Quest for Quintana Roo (USA) (Alt)
Reversi by Daniel Bienvenu (Nov 22) (2003) (PD).rom River Raid (USA)
Robin Hood (USA)
Roc 'N Rope (USA, Europe)
Rock 'N' Bolt (USA) (Alt)
Rocky Super-Action Boxing (USA, Europe)
Rolloverture (USA)
Sammy Lightfoot (USA)
Sector Alpha (USA)
Sewer Sam (USA)
Sir Lancelot (USA)
Skiing (USA)
Sky Jaguar (1984) (Konami-Opcode).rom
Slither (USA)
Slurpy (USA)
Smurf Paint 'n Play Workshop (USA, Europe)
Smurf Rescue (USA, Europe)
Space Fury (USA, Europe)
Space Invaders Collection Pack Demo (2002) (Taito-Opcode)
Space Invasion by John Dondzila (1998) (PD).rom
Space Panic (USA, Europe)
Spectron (USA)
Spy Hunter (USA, Europe)
Squish 'Em Sam! (USA)
Star Fortress (1997)(Dondzila, John)(PD).rom Star Trek (USA, Europe)
Star Wars (USA)
Steamroller (USA) (Proto)
Strike It! (USA)
Subroc (USA, Europe)
Super Action Baseball (USA, Europe)
Super Action Football (USA, Europe)
Super Action Soccer (USA, Europe)
Super Cobra (USA)
Super Controller Tester (USA)
Super Cross Force (USA)
Super DK! (USA) (Proto) (Unl)
Super DK! Junior (USA) (Proto) (Unl)
Tank Wars (USA)
Tapper (USA, Europe)
Telly Turtle (USA, Europe)
Threshold (USA)
Time Pilot (USA, Europe)
Tomarc the Barbarian (USA)
Tournament Tennis (USA)
Tunnels & Trolls (USA, Europe) (Demo)
Turbo (USA, Europe)
Tutankham (USA)
Up 'N Down (USA)
Venture (USA, Europe)
Victory (USA, Europe)
Video Hustler (Europe) (Proto)
War Games (USA, Europe)
War Room (USA)
Wing War (USA)
Wizard of Id's Wizmath (USA)
Word Feud (USA)
Yolk's on You, The (Europe) (Proto)
Zaxxon (USA, Europe)
Zenji (USA)
[BIOS] ColecoVision (USA, Europe)
Total number of files = 173