RetroPie 128GB Plug and Play MicroSD Card

RetroPie 128GB Plug and Play MicroSD Card


This product includes just the MicroSD card for those who already own a Pi3 board and just needs the card for their system.

Zero Setup Required! Features Complete Rom Sets with Preconfigured Attractmode and EmulationStation front ends.

Works with your 360 controller and other gamepads right out of the box.
Setup using "Attract mode" themed menu system with full video previews for games with a graphic menu system that resembles Hyperspin.
Preconfigured hot keys to save and load games on the fly!

Whats Included? .
-Preloaded 128GB MicroSD card fully configured with games and Kodi All setup
-Printed Guide

Contains the following systems

Atari 2600- 648
Atari 7800- 59
Atari Lynx- 76
MSX/- 567
MSX2- 84
Gameboy- 565
Gameboy Color- 535
Gameboy Advance- 1098
Virtual Boy- 24
Game & Watch- 15
NES- 791
Famicom- 90
SNES- 786
Super Famicom- 486
N64- 303
Sega SG-1000- 68
Sega Master System- 281
Sega Genesis / Megadrive- 810
Sega 32X- 33
Sega CD- 25
Sega Gamegear- 249
SuperGrafx- 5
TurboGrapx- 94
PC Engine- 290
MAME - Classic Arcade Games - 2840
Daphne- 11
Dreamcast- 9
Neo Geo- 142 ROMS
Neo Geo Pocket- 9
Neo Geo Pocket Color- 40
Sony Playstation- 27
Sony PSP- 5
Sony PSP Mini- 50
Wonder Swan- 111
Wonder Swan Color- 85

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RetroPie 128GB Plug and Play MicroSD Card this is the ultimate retro pie set up i highky recommend even when i had a issue running the set up the customer service as well is awesome.i sent my retro pie in and they calibrated tye certain controller i had again for a home gamer that wants a epic set up.for their retro pie get this set up

5 of 5 Stars! of 5 Stars!
RetroPie 128GB Plug and Play MicroSD Card fast shipping, great customer service.I have bought 4 of these 128gb sd cards and have no issues. A great cross selection of games. will buy again...Cheers!!!

5 of 5 Stars! of 5 Stars!
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