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RetroPie 128GB Plug and Play System

RetroPie 128GB Plug and Play System

$200.00 $180.00
Complete rom sets on a pre configured raspberry pi 3 including a 128GB Plug and Play MicroSD Card. Zero Setup Required!

Whats Included?

-HDMI Input Raspberry Pi 3 B+ board with case .
-Preloaded 128GB MicroSD card with fully configured controls, systems and games.
-Power cord

Pre-Loaded micro SD card comes with over 17,000 games from over 70 classic/retro gaming systems. Included are video previews of the games within each console's menu, giving you a quick peek at what each game is before even needing to start up that game. Box art and Title/Marquee/Cart art (where applicable) is also included for an attractive and memorable browsing experience.

Contains the following systems

Amiga: 122 Games
Amiga CD32: 32 Games
Amstrad CPC: 55 Games
Arcade/MAME: 2315 Games
Atari 2600: 648 games
Atari 5200: 72 games
Atari 7800: 58 Games
Atari Lynx: 75 Games
Atari ST: 437 Games
BSX Satellaview: 113 Games
Capcom CP System 2: 39 Games
Capcom CP System: 28 Games
Capcom CP System 3: 6 Games
Cave Capcom Play System: 28 Games
Cave Story: 1 Game
Coleco Vision: 140 Games
(NEW FOR V2!) Commodore 64: 2231 Games*
Dreamcast: 13 Games
Family Computer Disk System: 189 Games
Game & Watch: 52 Games
(NEW FOR V2!) Game Boy: 851 Games
(NEW FOR V2!) Game Boy Advance: 1067 Games
Game Boy Color: 535 Games
Game Gear: 248 Games
Infocom: 3 Games
Intellivision: 121 Games
Mega Drive: 190 Games
MSX 2+: 46 Games
MSX: 518 Games
MSX2: 161 Games
(NEW FOR V2!) N64: 303 Games
Neo Geo: 140 Games
Neo Geo Pocket: 9 Games
Neo Geo Pocket Color: 40 Games
Neo Geo System: 148 Games
NES Classic Edition: 30 Games
(NEW FOR V2!) Nintendo DS: 548 Games*
Nintendo Entertainment System: 778 Games
Nintendo Family Computer: 364 Games
Odyssey^2: 81 Games
OpenBOR: 22 Games
PC Engine: 288 Games
PC Engine CD Rom: 11 Games
PC Games: 25 Games
Playstation 1: 77 Games
PSP: 6 Games
PSP Mini: 10 Games
ScummVM: 5 Games
Sega 32X: 33 Games
Sega CD: 24 Games
Sega Genesis: 769 Games
Sega Mark III: 70 Games
SEGA Master System: 273 Games
SG-1000: 58 Games
Sharp X68000: 101 Games
Sinclair ZX Spectrum: 375 Games
Sufami Turbo: 15 Games
Super Famicon: 464 Games
Super Grafx: 5 Games
Super Nintendo Classic Edition: 21 Games
Super Nintendo System: 790 Games
Tec Toy: 30 Games
Technos: 16 Games
TI-99/4A Computer: 129 Games
Turbo Grafx 16: 94 Games
Turbo Grafx CD: 11 Games
Vectrex: 23 Games
Virtual Boy: 20 Games
Wonder Swan: 110 Games
Wonder Swan Color: 91 Games


NES Hacked: 14 Games
SNES Hacked: 219 Games
Game Boy Hacked: 19 Games
Game Boy Advance Hacked: 5 Games
Sega Genesis Hacked: 34 Games
Sega Game Gear Hacked: 4 Games
Super Mario World Hacked: 101 Games
Misc. HACKS: 105 Games

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What Others Say
RetroPie 128GB Plug and Play System I had been wanting a retropie for a while but was too lazy and/or didn't have time to set it up myself. After researching and communicating with romcollector I went ahead ordered it. Couldn't be happier. Shipping was super fast and everything works great. I definitely recommend if you're like me and just want to get playing asap. Customer service is great.

5 of 5 Stars! of 5 Stars!
RetroPie 128GB Plug and Play System Got my retropie Saturday haven't stopped playing with it yet. My 17 year old daughter got in the act. Great job and fast shipping . now to start building a cabinet for it.

5 of 5 Stars! of 5 Stars!