Retropie 3 Gaming System 128GB Plug and Play

Retropie 3 Gaming System 128GB Plug and Play

$200.00 $185.00
Complete rom sets on a pre configured raspberry pi 3 including a 128GB Plug and Play MicroSD Card. Zero Setup Required!

Whats Included?

-HDMI Input Raspberry Pi 3 board with case .
-Preloaded 128GB MicroSD card with fully configured controls, systems and games.
-Power cord

Pre-Loaded micro SD card comes with over 17,000 games from over 70 classic/retro gaming systems. Included are video previews of the games within each console's menu, giving you a quick peek at what each game is before even needing to start up that game. Box art and Title/Marquee/Cart art (where applicable) is also included for an attractive and memorable browsing experience.

Contains the following systems

Amiga: 122 Games
Amiga CD32: 32 Games
Amstrad CPC: 55 Games
Arcade/MAME: 2315 Games
Atari 2600: 648 games
Atari 5200: 72 games
Atari 7800: 58 Games
Atari Lynx: 75 Games
Atari ST: 437 Games
BSX Satellaview: 113 Games
Capcom CP System 2: 39 Games
Capcom CP System: 28 Games
Capcom CP System 3: 6 Games
Cave Capcom Play System: 28 Games
Cave Story: 1 Game
Coleco Vision: 140 Games
(NEW FOR V2!) Commodore 64: 2231 Games*
Dreamcast: 13 Games
Family Computer Disk System: 189 Games
Game & Watch: 52 Games
(NEW FOR V2!) Game Boy: 851 Games
(NEW FOR V2!) Game Boy Advance: 1067 Games
Game Boy Color: 535 Games
Game Gear: 248 Games
Infocom: 3 Games
Intellivision: 121 Games
Mega Drive: 190 Games
MSX 2+: 46 Games
MSX: 518 Games
MSX2: 161 Games
(NEW FOR V2!) N64: 303 Games
Neo Geo: 140 Games
Neo Geo Pocket: 9 Games
Neo Geo Pocket Color: 40 Games
Neo Geo System: 148 Games
NES Classic Edition: 30 Games
(NEW FOR V2!) Nintendo DS: 548 Games*
Nintendo Entertainment System: 778 Games
Nintendo Family Computer: 364 Games
Odyssey^2: 81 Games
OpenBOR: 22 Games
PC Engine: 288 Games
PC Engine CD Rom: 11 Games
PC Games: 25 Games
Playstation 1: 77 Games
PSP: 6 Games
PSP Mini: 10 Games
ScummVM: 5 Games
Sega 32X: 33 Games
Sega CD: 24 Games
Sega Genesis: 769 Games
Sega Mark III: 70 Games
SEGA Master System: 273 Games
SG-1000: 58 Games
Sharp X68000: 101 Games
Sinclair ZX Spectrum: 375 Games
Sufami Turbo: 15 Games
Super Famicon: 464 Games
Super Grafx: 5 Games
Super Nintendo Classic Edition: 21 Games
Super Nintendo System: 790 Games
Tec Toy: 30 Games
Technos: 16 Games
TI-99/4A Computer: 129 Games
Turbo Grafx 16: 94 Games
Turbo Grafx CD: 11 Games
Vectrex: 23 Games
Virtual Boy: 20 Games
Wonder Swan: 110 Games
Wonder Swan Color: 91 Games


NES Hacked: 14 Games
SNES Hacked: 219 Games
Game Boy Hacked: 19 Games
Game Boy Advance Hacked: 5 Games
Sega Genesis Hacked: 34 Games
Sega Game Gear Hacked: 4 Games
Super Mario World Hacked: 101 Games
Misc. HACKS: 105 Games

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What Others Say
Retropie 3 Gaming System 128GB Plug and Play I've been playing around with retropie for almost 3 years now and this is the best setup I've ever seen from any vendor.  All the classics are here and everything is perfectly configured and playable.  Even a handful of mame racer/shooter games that are never properly setup on other custom piis are setup correctly here and all are setup with the proper emulator core.  Not many retropie sellers get the arcade part right! The hardware itself is very solid with premium kit components and heatsinks were applied with thermal paste so no heat issues at all.  Shipping to Canada was super fast during both a postal strike and Christmas rush.  Whether you need the pi itself or not, the sd card is an unbelievable deal for all the content and configuration time needed to set it up.  You'll also get the most amazing customer service for any problem you may encounter.  I had no issues with pii at all but had a lot of questions for the hyperspin drive I also purchased from here (very different from retropie for a pc emulation newbie) and everything was explained thoroughly. My first pii vendor got stumped by a couple issues I had with his setup which I figured out on my own so it was great to have the AAA support found here.  My one and only recommend vendor for retro gaming setups. Steve Yellowknife, NT   Canada

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Retropie 3 Gaming System 128GB Plug and Play I had been wanting a retropie for a while but was too lazy and/or didn't have time to set it up myself. After researching and communicating with romcollector I went ahead ordered it. Couldn't be happier. Shipping was super fast and everything works great. I definitely recommend if you're like me and just want to get playing asap. Customer service is great.

5 of 5 Stars! of 5 Stars!
Retropie 3 Gaming System 128GB Plug and Play Got my retropie Saturday haven't stopped playing with it yet. My 17 year old daughter got in the act. Great job and fast shipping . now to start building a cabinet for it.

5 of 5 Stars! of 5 Stars!