RetroPie 4 Image 256GB Plug and Play MicroSD Card

RetroPie 4 Image 256GB Plug and Play MicroSD Card

$110.00 $90.00

Ultimate Retropie 4 Roms Image
256GB MicroSD Card | Complete Plug and Play Home Arcade

Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 2GB and 4GB Boards ONLY.

Zero Setup Required!
- Video Previews, artwork, game descriptions, and media packs setup.
- Designed to compatible with all joysticks, gamepads or Arcade control panels.
- Features multiple themes to pick and completely change the look of your system on the fly! From a retro CRT television theme to a modern high graphics design and everything in between. Download and add your own custom themes with ease!

Whats Included? .
-Preloaded 256GB MicroSD card fully configured with games all setup.

Contains the following systems

Amiga: 914 Games
Amstrad CPC: 211 Games
Arcade Classics | MAME: 2927 Games
Atari 2600: 648 games
Atari 7800: 59 Games
Atari Jaguar: 56 Games
Atari Lynx: 76 Games
Coleco Vision: 140 Games
Commodore 64: 4680 Games
Daphne Laserdisc: 16 Games
Infocom: 3 Games
Intellivision: 121 Games
MSX: 567Games
MSX2: 83 Games
NEC PC Engine: 94 Games
NEC Super Grafx: 5 Games
NEC Turbo Grafx 16: 94 Games
Neo Geo: 141 Games
Neo Geo Pocket: 9 Games
Neo Geo Pocket Color: 121 Games
Neo Geo System: 148 Games
Nintendo DS: 163 Games
Nintendo Entertainment System: 1671 Games
Nintendo Family Computer Disk System: 90 Games
Nintendo Famicom 290
Nintendo Game & Watch: 55 Games
Nintendo Game Boy: 565 Games
Nintendo Game Boy Hacks: 19 Games
Nintendo Game Boy Advance: 1036 Games
Nintendo Game Boy Color: 535 Games
Nintendo N64: 50 Games
Nintendo Super Famicon: 464 Games
Nintendo SNES: 790 Games
Nintendo SNES Hacks: 221 Games
Nintendo Virtual Boy: 24 Games
ORIC Computer: 3 Games
PC Games: 987 Games
Philips Videopac: 52 Games
ScummVM: 69 Games
Sega 32X: 33 Games
Sega CD: 24 Games
Sega Dreamcast: 40 Games
Sega Game Gear: 250 Games
Sega Game Gear Hacks: 5 Games
Sega Genesis: 782 Games
Sega Mega Drive Japan: 235
Sega Mark III: 70 Games
Sega Master System: 281 Games
Sega SG-1000: 58 Games
Sinclair ZX Spectrum: 377 Games
Sony Playstation PS1: 166 Games
Sony PSP: 19 Games
Steam Game Stream
Vectrex: 23 Games
Wonder Swan: 105 Games
Wonder Swan Color: 90 Games

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