DAPHNE Laserdisc Digital Download

DAPHNE Laserdisc Digital Download


Have you have been looking where to download daphne roms?

Daphne is an emulator designed to experience classic Laserdisc games from the arcade and home. This collection includes every working Daphne game available. It includes a pre-setup emulator with paths and frame files.

Total download size 13GB. We also offer a DVD version via mail.


Daphne Laserdisc Roms
17 Games included

Astron Belt
Bega's Battle
Cliff Hanger 720p HD
Cobra Command
Dragon's Lair
Dragon's Lair 2
Esh's Aurunmilla
Galaxy Ranger
GP World
Mach 3
Road Blaster
Space Ace
Super Don Quix-ote
Thayer's Quest
Us vs Them

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DAPHNE Laserdisc Digital Download It's the whole collection all in one! Preconfigured and ready to play! It just doesn't get any better. Just extract the files and launch! That's IT!! Many of these game's laser disc video files are hard to come by these days. But here they are! Thank you Romcollector for offering this at such a low and affordable price! I look to be repeat customer here as there is so many good things!!!

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DAPHNE Laserdisc Digital Download Really impressed with this bundle. Getting things set up couldn't be simpler. It literally took a couple of clicks and the whole thing was ready to pay. I've set Daphne up before and found it a bit of a chore, but this bundle does all the hard work for you. And it's an absolute bargain when you consider how many titles you get bundled in. I genuinely can't recommend it highly enough. Instabuy.

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DAPHNE Laserdisc Digital Download Great collection. D/L worked flawlessly, everything ready to click-and-start. Absolutely worth the price. Many thanks for this, Thomas

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DAPHNE Laserdisc Digital Download I could never get Daphne to work on my own - way too complex...I only wanted it for Dragon's Lair...so I gave this a try...and PRESTO! Worked perfectly and it only took me a couple of minutes to link it to HyperSpin (created a BIN command line with my desired settings)...oh, and you get the other games too (some good, some really horrible but enjoyable all the same)...it is like the 80's all over again...

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