Lucas Arts Pack Digital Download

Lucas Arts Pack Digital Download


Lucas Arts Adventure pack contains some of your favorite adventures of all time. These titles can be played in their original form on DOS or through an emulator on PC. Includes all the tools needed to play and instructions.


Game List

Day of the Tentacle (with speech)
Full Throttle
Grim Fandango
Indiana Jones 1- and the Last Crusade
Indiana Jones 2- and the Fate of Atlantis (with speech)
Loom Enhanced
Maniac Mansion Enhanced
Maniac Mansion
Monkey Island 1- Secret of Monkey Island (CD Version)
Monkey Island 2- LeChuck's Revenge
Monkey Island 3- The Curse of Monkey Island
Monkey Island 4- Escape From Monkey Island
Sam & Max - Hit the Road (With speech)
The Dig
Zak McKracken- and the Alien Mindbenders Enhanced

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