Philips CD-i Digital Download

Philips CD-i Digital Download


Philips CD-I - Release Date: 1996

The Philips CD-I CD-Rom Collection is a digital download containing over 100 games for the CD-I console.

The game images can be burned to a CD-R and played on the original CD-I system, or used with the MESS emulator on computer.


Phillips CD-I Images
100 Games Included
6 DVDs

7th Guest, The (1994)(Philips)(Eu)(Disc 1 of 2) [DVC]
7th Guest, The (1994)(Philips)(Eu)(Disc 2 of 2) [The Music]
A Great Day At The Races
A National Parks Tour
Alice in Wonderland (1992)(Philips)(US)
Alien Gate
Arcade Classics
Atlantis - The Last Resort
Braindead 13
BURN-CYCLE (1994)(Philips)(Eu)(Disc 1 of 2) [The Game]
BURN-CYCLE (1994)(Philips)(Eu)(Disc 2 of 2) [The Music]
Caesar's World of Boxing
Caesars World of Gambling
CD Shoot
CD-i Pinball
Chaos Control
Christmas Crisis
Connect Four
Creature Shock Disc 1 of 2
Creature Shock Disc 2 of 2
Crime Patrol 2 Drug Wars
Dark Castle
Defender of the Crown (1992)(Philips)(Eu-US)
Dragon's Lair
Dragon's Lair II - Time Warp
Escape from CyberCity (1992)(Philips)(Eu-US)
Family Games 2 Junk Food Jive
Go Special Edition
Grand Prix Special
Hotel Mario
International Tennis Open (One Player Version)
Jack Sprite vs The Crimson Ghost
Jigsaw The Ultimate Electronic Puzzle
Kether v3.11 (1994)(Philips)(US)
Kingdom Shadoan
Kingdom the Far Reaches
Laser Lords
Link - The Faces of Evil (1993)(Philips)(Eu)
Litil Divil (Gremlin)
Lords Of The Rising Sun
Lost Eden
Mad Dog II - The Lost Gold
Mad Dog McCree
Marco Polo Disc 1 of 2 The Game
Marco Polo Disc 2 of 2 The Documentation
Mario Wacky Worlds
Mega Maze
Merlin's Apprentice
Micro Machines
Mutant Rampage Body Slam
Mystic Midway - Phantom Express
Mystic Midway Rest in Pieces (Philips POV)
Pac panic
Playboy's Complete Massage
Pyramid Adventures Episode 1 Treasures of the Lost Pyramid
Richard scarrys best neighborhood-cdi
Rise of the robots
Sargon Chess
Secret Mission
Shaolins Road
Solar Crusude
space ace
Space Ranger
Striker Pro
Strip Poker Live
Tangram - The Ultimate Chinese Game
Tetsuo Gaiden
Text Tiles
The Joy of Sex
The Lost Ride
The Palm Springs Open, ABC Sports Presents
The Wacky World of Miniature Golf
Thunder in Paradise Disc 1 of 2 The Game
Thunder in Paradise Disc 2 of 2 The Episode
Tom Le Maximagier
Vegas Girls
Video Speedway
Voyeur ...don't get caught (1993)(Philips)(US)[adult, access code 3333]
Whack a bubble
Wimbledon Trivia Quiz
World Cup Golf
Zelda's Adventure
Zenith (Spin Ball)
Zombie Dinos

CD-i, or Compact Disc Interactive, is the name of an interactive multimedia CD player developed and marketed by Royal Philips Electronics N.V.. Though not originally marketed as a game console, it is infamous for being one of the biggest commercial failures in video game history. CD-i also refers to the multimedia Compact Disc standard used by the CD-i console, also known as Green Book, which was co-developed by Philips and Sony in 1986 (not to be confused with MMCD, the pre-DVD format also co-developed by Philips and Sony). The first Philips CD-i player, released in 1991 and initially priced around USD$ 700[2], is capable of playing interactive CD-i discs, Audio CDs, CD+G (CD+Graphics), Karaoke CDs, and Video CDs (VCDs), though the last requires an optional "Digital Video Card" to provide MPEG-1 decoding.

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