RetroPie Image 32GB Plug and Play Download

RetroPie Image 32GB Plug and Play Download


The RetroPie download is a Plug and Play Image.

You will get access to a Pi4 build and a Pi3 build for full compatibility regardless of the board you own.

Compatible with Pi 4 Pi2. Pi3 B, and B+ Boards. Requires a 32GB Micro SD Card.

Use the included Win32DiskImager to write the image to your Micro SD Card. Put the card in your Pi and Play. Zero setup required.

Running the latest Retropie 4.4 stretch edition and includes the following systems with artwork, themes, videos and more!

Amstrad CPC: 11303
Apple II: 2065
Atari2600: 648
Atari7800: 59
Atari lynx: 76
Coleco vision: 229
Commodore 64: 5751
Famicom Family Disc System: 173
Gameboy: 1578
Gameboy color: 1390
Gameboy Advance: 1782
Game and Watch: 52
Kodi Media Center
MSX: 1122
N64: 150
NES & Famicom: 2639
Neo Geo MVS: 142
Neo Geo Pocket: 9
Neo Geo Pocket color: 108
Sega 32x: 63
Sega Game Gear: 249
Sega Genesis & Megadrive: 1660
Sega Master System: 495
Sega SG-1000: 68
SNES: 3498
Sony Playstation: 50
Sony PSP MINI: 50
TurboGrafx-16: 424
Vectrex: 45
Virtualboy: 29
Wonderswan: 112
Wonderswan Color: 95
ZX Spectrum: 15866

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