Watara Supervision Digital Download

Watara Supervision Digital Download

Watara Supervision originated from Hong Kong and introduced itself in 1992 as a rival to the Gameboy. It is a Black & White handheld with 47 games known to exist. Emulates on the PC.

Watara Supervision all 47 titles included

Alien (199x) (Supervision)
Balloon Fight (199x) (Watara)
Block Buster & Cross High (199x) (Supervision)
Block Buster (199x) (Supervision)
Brain Power (199x) (Supervision)
Carrier (199x) (Travellmate) [o1]
Carrier (199x) (Travellmate)
Cave Wonders (1992) (Bon Treasure)
Challenger Tank (199x) (Watara)
Chimera (199x) (Supervision)
Crystball (1991) (Travellmate)
Delta Hero (1992) (Bon Treasure)
Eagle Plan (1992) (GTC Inc)
Earth Defender (1992) (Bon Treasure)
Fatal Craft (1992) (Bon Treasure)
Final Combat (199x) (Watara)
Galactic Crusader (199x) (Watara)
Galaxy Fighter (1992) (Thin Chen Enterprise)
Grand Prix (1992) (Bon Treasure)
Happy Pairs (1992) (Sachen)
Hash Blocks & Eagle Plan (1992) (GTC Inc)
Hash Blocks (1991) (GTC Inc)
Hero Kid (1992) (Hartung)
Honey Bee (199x) (Watara)
Jacky Lucky (1992) (Bon Treasure)
Jaguar Bomber (1992) (Bon Treasure)
John Adventure (199x) (Watara)
Juggler (1992) (Bon Treasure)
Kabi Island (199x) (Watara)
Linear Racing (199x) (Watara)
Magincross (1992) (Thin Chen Enterprise)
Matta Blatta (199x) (Watara)
Olympic Trials (1992) (Watara)
P-52 Sea Battle (199x) (Watara)
PacBoy and Mouse (199x) (Watara)
Penguin Hideout (1992) (Thin Chen Enterprise) [o1]
Penguin Hideout (1992) (Thin Chen Enterprise)
Police Bust (199x) (Bon Treasure)
Pyramid (199x) (Watara)
Soccer Champion (199x) (Hartung)
SSSnake (199x) (Watara)
Super Block (1992) (Bon Treasure) [o1]
Super Block (1992) (Bon Treasure)
Super Kong (1992) (Thin Chen Enterprise)
Tasac 2010 (1992) (Thin Chen Enterprise)
Tennis Pro '92 (1992) (B.I.T.S)
Treasure Hunter (199x) (Watara)

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